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Gerdina attack in Klagenfurt! Avalanche in Renon, a victory also for Vasa – OA Sport

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Another exciting Tuesday for this amazing day The 2021-2022 Alpine League was recorded on file. Let’s go and see how it went on the ice: the Italian teams on the shields.

“The Coup” by Gerdina, cIt passes on Route 1-2 on the EC-KAC Future Team track in Klagenfurt: after thirty minutes of nothing, with the first set closing 0-0, the guests lead with Linder, in the second half 0-1.
But the final is heartbreaking: Prudnik equalized at home with less than four minutes remaining. Everything seems ready for extra time and instead McGowan flashes He gives victory to the Italian team who can celebrate it.

However, with less worries, Renon crashed with Steel Wings Linz: 7-2 Bolzanini’s final score, able to stretch past the first question and answer on the Sharp-Gaffal axis, for a moment 1-1. From that moment on, respectively, the goals of Pechlaner, Lutz, Kostner and Frei, against 5-1 which in fact concluded the matches, Prior to the final with a score of 7-2, it was marked with Costner and Osvierta stamps “for the locals” and by Varen for the Austrians.

Another lap, another race. Derby Vipiteno – Vasa, if the seconds win 2-4. Strange match: a goal from Vipitino with McParland, then three goals from Vasa for McParland, Rossi and Yuri.
The match goes on from 1 to 3 with a quarter of an hour left: the hosts try to reopen it with Cristalon, but Tedesco shuts it down again.

Finally, to report, among this evening’s other results, there are 1-5 Red Bull Hockey Juniors in comparison to Vienna Capitals Silver.

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We will be back on the right track Thursday 25 November. From an Italian perspective, ready to go down or off the ice: Asiago, Cortina, Renon, Girdina, who will compete against each other, and Merano.

Photo: Carola Cimino.

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