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Ted Lasso, TV Series Review on Football by Apple Tv+ :: Blog on Today

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with a tie between England and Italy And the last challenge in the qualifiers between the Italian League Palermo and PaduaThe football season is practically over. At this moment, the most passionate football fan is like Pablo Escobar who is waiting with sadness and sorrow, that me me Taken from the series NarcosAnd the fact that our national team will miss the next World Championship does not improve the situation.

And it is precisely those people who are on the verge of despair that we address with advice: Look Ted Lasso And it will be better. Yes, because the TV series is written by Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis For Apple TV + In our opinion, it is the most beautiful thing that has been done in football, between cinema and television. Some will say it doesn’t take long, in fact the only thing that comes to mind in a positive sense is the movie Escape to victory And the series I wish he would die first.

Anyway, if you like football then you should watch it Ted LassoAnd if you love the Premier League, English pubs and everything related to football across the channel, then watching this TV series, which has two seasons and a third season on the way, becomes absolutely mandatory. We explain the reason below, but first a brief plot summary Ted LassoIt’s limited to season one so you don’t overdo it with spoilers.

What is Ted Lasso talking about?

In 2013, when the US network NBC acquired the rights to broadcast English Premier League matches, it was believed that the lure of Americans to follow football – because for them football is only American football – a series of hilarious commercials in which Jason Sudeikis (comedian) participated Saturday Night Live) the role of this American football manager who didn’t know anything about football but was called in to coach a team from the English Premier League.

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A few years later, Lawrence and Sudeikis decided to re-enact that character and make him the hero of a comedy series on Apple TV +, and the result was so amazing that it brought a long series of honors and awards for the series and its hero, from amy to me Golden Globes.

So let’s take a look at the history of the series. In a situation that we can define very similar to that of The Coach in the Ball, we have a fictional club called Richmond whose boss wants to be relegated to the English second tier).

That’s why Rebecca Welton decided to hire Ted Lasso, a cheerful coach for the college football teams, because he is loved as much as he is unaware of the rules of the most beautiful sport in the world. Of course, the official version has nothing to do with the desire to retreat, but rather with an alleged idea of ​​innovation and experimentation. A little like when Berlusconi she wanted I hired Dan Peterson as Milan manager.

Then Ted Lasso, along with his deputy, Bird, comes to this squad in northwest London to bring a breath of fresh air to Richmond and all of the Premier League. But it is understood that the reception is not the best. Not from the English press, which never misses an opportunity to mock a Yankee who has come to the excellent bench without even knowing how offside works.

Nor by his players who struggle to recognize the necessary authority. Among the players, in particular, two stand out: on the other hand, old champion Roy Kent, who won everything with Chelsea but is now at the end of his career and only continues thanks to his fierce determination; And Jimmy Tartt, the young striker on loan from Manchester City, is equally talented, selfish and ostentatious, despite his girlfriend Kelly’s attempts to nurture him.

In Society, with President Rebecca and athletic director Leslie Higgins secretly plotting against him, Ted finds help, as well as attentive coach Bird, in Nathan Shelley, theoretically the team’s warehouse guard but (literally) promoted on the field to assistant coach after some valuable tactical advice.

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In the background there are all the elements typical of every English team: the fans who rival it with insults like “wanker” (better not to translate), rude reporters and embarrassing tabloids, the pub where fans gather to follow the newspapers. Matches, and of course challenges with the most famous football home teams. But we stop here, we invite you to watch Italian trailer season 1.

Why do you watch Ted Lasso

Courses, the stadium, the choirs on the field, the beer, the games, the wardrobe, the press conference, the pub, the parks where girls and boys play: every episode of Ted Lasso exudes English football from every pore and with every element. Even if the protagonist is an ignorant American (in terms of football, mind you, because for the rest …), this series perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of English football, with its cliché (including physical, like Wembley) and all the factors That makes it so wonderful and unique.

The pain of defeat, the joy of victory, the tension on the bench when there is a defense result, the tension on the field when things don’t go well and the unity of the team in the most important moments: if you love football, and you may have also played it at the amateur level, you know very well What feelings are we talking about. And if you love football, you will definitely love it Ted Lasso.

Let’s make one thing clear at this point: it is true that we are talking about a comedy series, and in fact, comedic and funny moments, which are often really funny, will certainly not be lacking. But Ted Lasso is something more: a bit like in another British series we love, this is it after lifeIn Ted Lasso, entertaining scenes and moments with a strong emotional impact coexist.

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You will become a fan of AFC Richmond, you will share their joys and sorrows, you will rejoice at every goal scored and despair at every goal scored, you will rejoice at the successes and suffer from the failures. You will get to know yourself and your teammates in the players and crew, and you will feel an integral part of them.

As far as we’re concerned, we have two personalities that we love more than anyone else. On the other hand, Roy Kent, with his bad words to savor a language that could not be truer, and with a tender heart around him there is a solid shield made of interference in every area of ​​the field (“He’s here, he’s there, he’s ridiculous as” sings to him the fans, who have Instead, he adapts the famous children’s phrase “Baby Shark” by Jamie Tartt) and the crazy love for the sport.

On the other hand, we liked the character of Coach Bird, who without even a first name still has a very straight forward personality. Sensitive, always true, boundless pop culture, unlucky in love (and not so unlucky in the game) but always kind to everyone. Among other things, translator Coach Byrd (Brendan Hunt) and actor Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) co-starred in the writing phase of the series along with Lawrence and Sudeikis.

We are now looking forward to Season Three (and likely final), which is set to arrive in the next few months, to see what Richmond’s glorious future will be and see what this fantastic and profound US team has done for other football. Still an inventor. The game that is not very popular in the US, but for the rest of the world it is the most beautiful game ever.

Rating: 9

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