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Superman, Henry Cavill’s return may be announced at Comic-Con!

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In a DC cinematic world increasingly at the mercy of waves, never before exists a need for unwavering certainty: one of these can be represented by Superman by Henry Cavill, who was constructed from the start as a true icon of the franchise only to be abandoned after the Justice League.

While Zack Snyder is back with sweet words For Cavill Clark Kent, rumors about a possible return of The Witcher star as Krypton’s hero are making their way onto the web, especially now that the wait San Diego Comic Con Allows fans to daydream about this or that big announcement.

However, the news was also picked up by reliable sources such as Deadline, with the well-known American newspaper being the first to re-launch the rumor that during the DC panel next Saturday, the Great could be announced. The Return of Henry Cavill In a movie about the Man of Steel.

Of course, no confirmation has yet arrived from those directly involved, just as it is unknown whether Cavill’s return could serve as a precursor to Cavill’s return. Zack Snyder Director: To find out more, we just have to wait for the highly anticipated conference to start. Recently, meanwhile, he showed us an artistic concept Ecstasy star as Superman Instead of Henry Cavill.

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