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Rome Film Festival 2022 takes its seventh red carpet

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The film was presented at the 2022 Rome Film Festival Rheingold Directed by Fatih Akin. The red carpet was greeted by her crew, led by the beautiful Mona Pirzad.

The seventh day of the red carpet in Rome Film Festival 2022 And the brightest star is Steven Spielberg, the beloved American director who made a powerful contribution to the history of cinema and pop culture. On the occasion of the Roman Karma, he premiered his new creation for the big screen: he called it fablemans He has already returned from a triumph abroad. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it actually won the Audience Award.

Credits: Instagram / Rome Film Fest / @lucadammicco

And now he’s ready to invade the Italians, too. But she wasn’t the only one to move cinemas at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone. During the seventh day of previews, also space for Fatih Akin with Rheingold And the The dead remain with the mouth Open by Fabrizio Ferrario.

Rome Film Festival 2022, the stars went on the red carpet almost unnoticed

A rather smooth seventh day of the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival, which also allowed us to investigate the appearance of those who, until now, have remained unnoticed. But let’s start with the stars of the seventh red carpet. Director Fatih Akin Walk to his movie Rheingold Accompanying the cast where it shines Mona PirzadThe lead actress on the red carpet of the event is the spokeswoman for a very important message. In fact, he holds in his hands a sign that reads: “women’s freedom of lifeOn the glamorous side, the actress showed off a peachy pink V-neck satin jumpsuit, paired with Ton sur ton sandals.

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Rome Film Festival 2022
Credits: Mona Pirzad / Rome Film Festival / @lucadammicco
– Sofia Ferraris, Alicia Silva / Instagram / @Masimiliano Rocchi

Among the stars who walked the red carpet of the 2022 Rome Film Festival, the dress with a romantic cut was proposed by him Sophia Ferraris. The model wore an ivory maxi dress with subtle coral-effect embroidery and one-shoulder feather detailing. Atelier Mali. And the dress he’s wearing is also from the same brand Alicia Silva: It’s an all-white mini jumpsuit accompanied by a delicate train and a chain of black all-patterned butterflies, which calls for sparkly embellishment.

Rome Film Festival 2022
Credits: Vanessa Dungey / Instagram / Light Photography – Sarah Bracchi / Instagram / @massimilianorocchi – Federica Ricci / Instagram

for pattern area also Sarah Brachi She appeared on the red carpet of the 2022 Rome Film Festival. For the occasion, she wore a colorful printed suit Thunder KPaired with stunning pink velvet sandals. Federica Ricci She wore an asymmetrical midi, all black and strapless, and her skirt was accompanied by silver fringe. Vanessa Dongy She chose a green dress embellished with gold.

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