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The next race, show, schedule and TV show. It will run in two weeks in Montreal – OA Sport

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No break Formula One, Today’s GP in Azerbaijan is getting ready to face someone Travel between continents. The circus is about to depart to reach Baguio MontrealWhere is Sunday June 19 Is scheduled Canadian Grand Prix. This is a welcome twist to the calendar as we return to compete in the Ile de Notre Dame for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic. In fact, the appointment was canceled in 2020 and 2021, but fortunately we see racing cars leaping around the race track named after Gilles Villanuev.

The song is especially endearing Lewis Hamilton, His success epic began here. Fifteen years have passed since June 10, 2007, the day the Englishman, 22, won his first of 103 victories in his career. In fact at that moment the event almost took the back seat and suffered a terrible accident Robert KubicaWho risked his life in a violent accident.

Also we need to remember how crazy the version is 2011, Characterized by an interval of almost two hours due to torrential rains, holds many unbeaten records. Officially lasting 4 hours, 4 minutes and 39 seconds, this race represents the longest F1 GP of all time. And during that match The Safety car Ben intervened 6 Once! The safety car has never appeared so large at a single Grand Prix. Also, the day was imposed Jensen ButtonDespite the series of contacts and penalties. However, Britain overcame 30 rounds 21 to 1 place! What will happen in this 2022? To find out, follow along Canadian GP on TV. How?

F1, Ferrari and Power-Unit Problem: Two Units Already Used, Almost Inevitable Penalty

Pay TV – Themed channel Sky Sport F1 (207) Will send Full live Of Canadian GPThus understanding Each session Scheduled from Friday. Further Sky Sport One (201) You will also have the opportunity to follow the same programming Sky Sport 4K (213)Dedicated to Sky Q owners.

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Free TV in the light – Free Broadcast Channel TV8 (125 of Sky and 8 of DTT) will be aired Free, But inside Postponed, Saturday qualifying round and Sunday betting. There is no free-air coverage of free training.

Streaming – Canadian event can be fully tracked through the app on PC, tablet and smartphone Skyco (Reserved for Sky subscribers only). You can also view the appointment on the streaming service as needed NavTV. Finally we should not forget how on the website Deferred eligibility and race available.

Live Live – OA Sport will provide you with live coverage of all sessions, from the first free training session to the verified flag of the Canadian Grand Prix.

F1 – 2022 Canada GB Plan

Friday 17 June (Italian timetable)
20.00-21.00, Free Training1
23.00-00.00, Free Training2

Saturday 18 June (Italian timetable)
19.00-20.00, Free Training3
22.00-23.00, Qualifications

Sunday 19 June (Italian time)
20.00, betting

Photo: La Press

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