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Taiwan, 27 Chinese aircraft in the field of air defense

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Tensions remain high between Taiwan and China. KEYSTONE / AP Taiwanese mod sda-ats

This content was published on Aug 03, 2022 – 18:22


Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported that 27 Chinese fighter jets raided the air defense zone on the day of the departure of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In a tweet, the ministry explained, “27 aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army entered the area around the Republic of China on August 3, 2022,” changing the traditional reference to Adiz (Air Defense Identification Area) and making it understand that something different had happened today.

The fighters reported are six J-11s, five J-16s, and sixteen Su-30s.

Examination of maps published by the Taipei Ministry of Defense shows that six J-11 and sixteen Su-30 have crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait: the move, while not the first of its kind, shows the largest aggression by the Chinese armed forces.

According to protocol, the Ministry of Defense disarmed its fighters, activating radio warning messages and missile control systems.

From midnight, Beijing has scheduled a cycle of military exercises, artillery fire and missile launches, scheduled from midnight to Sunday with air and sea traffic banned in six large areas strategically surrounding the rebellious island. The communist leadership considers Taiwan an integral part of China and can be reunified even by force, if necessary.

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