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“Another mockery of a terrible season” –

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“The myriad joke in this terrible part of the season: Today, a minute later, perhaps even, we conceded a goal that would have astounded anyone. We had the strength to respond to this, in spite of everything, I congratulate our players: they were heroic in delivering a match of this depth, such a terrible moment”- said Pepe Sinza on the sidelines of the defeat to Padova. Then the coach continues: “In words it is easy: when you play and pass these moments and certain things happen, which really shocked the elephant, they are not killed. They played, they put Padova in difficulty. In the second half for long periods, we put them in difficulty.”

Again Pro Vercelli coach: “We didn’t do much, they are also strong, they are a very, very strong team, but at a certain point we were masters of the pitch: we played well, we didn’t” We have many solutions today due to the absence that we have. Then another expulsion took place that denied us one last try. I’m so sorry: I know people don’t give a damn about me personally to win a defeat, but what’s important is the reaction and the reaction the players gave. This is an answer that makes me personally honored to coach this team and these players. It’s another defeat that’s bad to swallow it up.”

Have your fans never stopped cheering you on?: “I’m sure I’m not loved now: I already realize that. There is a great deal of respect in these fans: they have always helped us. No one to find, today they were amazing and I hope they at least have evidence of pride and love in return. That’s what he asked The fans. Honor, pride and dignity: I think these players showed that today.”

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Mattia Rolando also had his say. The playmaker answered the first question. A difficult match, but the tie did not reachAnd As comments?: “We prepared the game in a certain way, and certainly the goal in the beginning changed the cards on the table. I think we interpreted the game correctly: we tried to create chances. Padua is definitely a strong team built to win the championship. I think we kept up with this team anyway and I think with this attitude towards the games we are going to lose a little bit.”

Now running Triestina week?: “We must definitely try to continue down this path. Starting from the position of suggesting games, work is the only solution.”

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