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New mod tools –

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Finally comes the solution toThe mystery of the door and the mysterious church that characterizes these days of society Yoke: automaticAnd it’s probably the simplest thing you can think of: it is New tools for editing Which made it possible to create new content for the game.

In fact, it was a kind of joke on the part of some depositors, but with the aim of creating a certain anticipation for their presentation, which took place yesterday in the live broadcast.

During the event, some depositors introduced new models Tools for creating custom content In NieR: Automata, with which it was possible to build all the mysterious hidden levels from the door to the church discovered in Copied City.

In fact, it was half a lie, with users posting the mysterious door video and then the next video on the church with their boss stating that they didn’t use any editing tools and that all they saw was just game content, just not the original content.

This explains why even celebrity designer Lance MacDonald has been cursing himself for understanding how it was possible to get to such a secret level that no one else seemed able to show or discover even through the data. Unfortunately, there was no other secret from Yoko Taro and other developers, nor secret extensions of the official lore, but only other new mods, which open the way to interesting possibilities for NieR: Automata.

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