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Property Expropriated from King of Video Poker Becomes a Community Space (22/07/2022)

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The opening day was attended by the heroes of this transformation.

If there was no public administration available, if there was no co-operative committed with the many forces in the field, perhaps one of the most beautiful interventions that the university also has, it would not have been possible to realize. Obviously we’re there too – he says Carlo BorgomioPresident of the CON IL SUD Foundation – a fact that already intensifies our interest in the South in its name. Vismara FoundationOn the other hand, it is a private and Milanese institution that may have no interest in financing the South; M al contriio is constantly on our side. What I wanted to share was a memory. I was here 4 years ago and When we talked about this project it seemed like we were talking about a dream. In such cases, you always hope that something will happen. If this happens, live a strong emotion because it is a great sign for the community. Other Reflection Concerns Why and how CON IL SUD is committed to the issue of confiscated assets. Our mission is to promote social cohesion and community. We do this with projects geared to Allow the inclusion of vulnerable individualsminors, women victims of violence, ex-prisoners, but not only, whether through the promotion of common goods, which are cultural and environmental, expropriated from the mafia as in this case, which in the end allows you to reap great satisfaction“.

A project that imagines starting with Etisalat capable of transforming the region into a community starting with what third sector agencies know how to do.


Observing these principles – explains Pascual Neri, head of the “Impronte a sud” project for the Macramè Consortium – We imagined a path that, in the meantime, would transform this space into a place where meaningful relationships are maintained. About ten days ago, a theme was already running within the original which was Banca Etica, which has been on our side for years to support our business. We mean based on shared values Thinking and Building Paths of Regional Reciprocity Based on the traditional reciprocity hypothesis. We will work on the borders, first of all, we will no longer imagine them as lines that draw distances, but as such Pathways that allow reciprocity and promote diversity, not differences. We will also have a research and documentation lab on welfare issues in a co-working space for which we have already received some requests. With the aim of opening up to the community, we have a small concrete example of a topic that we met during this trip. It’s a circle profit company free, with whom we shared principles and values, such as the ‘Ndrangheta resistance, rooted in the regions. together with Regino brewery We did a little experiment, a beer not by chance called “Aniti” or “Together”, and the sale of it will create a portion of a mutual fund that we create through the intersection of other subjects we have met along our way ».

Attend the Ethical Bank Even in this good.

After accepting the proposal to be in Society “Project South” By Don Giacomo Painizza – Confirmed Giuseppe Sutil, Director of the Southern District of Banca Etica – That made us happy to be here too, on a property that was confiscated in Reggio Calabria, because the confiscated property is one of the tools with which we can intervene in the territory. Organizations for us are people, and thus relationships, with which we can access this transformation that gives life to conscious and inclusive societies capable of producing common goods.”

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The way to re-allocate spaceswhere services and activities are provided to families, disadvantaged people and businesses, hosting an information center for third sector workers, study and co-working rooms, an organizational center for planning and managing social emergencies, a nearby location you can refer to.

It’s good to know that today this property is a place of sharing, social innovation and urban renewal – and he adds in conclusion Gianfranco Ravel, President of the Macramè Union -. Until a few years ago it was a dormitory for irregular workers who worked at Gioacchino Campolo on a farm that has now been confiscated. Therefore, its symbolic value is important because, as I remind children, when subject to the confiscation of an asset and above all when that asset is returned to society, Criminal organization is subject to social delegitimizationHe loses power, and citizens’ confidence in the state and justice increases. This is where we start over to create social and cultural renewal“.

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