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Synchronization, movie reviews with Anthony Mackie streaming on Prime Video

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In these days when many are on vacation, it can happen – for the more fortunate – to take part in parties and evenings that last until late, between toasts, conversations and moments of friendliness.

If you can’t sleep on the way home and want to watch a movie that makes you “mind travel,” we have a title to recommend. On Prime Video.

The movie in question has been recalled synchronousas is the protagonist Anthony Mackie (the Falcon affiliateMarvel Cinematic Universe) which is a thriller about a strange drug and time travel.

If the previous sentence wasn’t enough for you and you want to know more, keep reading this review, which continues with the film’s plot summary, without spoilers.

What is synchronicity

Steve (Maki) and Denise (Jamie DornanChristian Gray 50 shades of…) Two paramedics. Steve is a classic womanizer (and a bit of an alcoholic and a mild drug addict), while Denise has a teenage daughter, Brianna, and a one-year-old.

On their night shifts together, they begin to find increasingly bizarre cases, including ancient swords, snakes thought to be extinct and burnt bodies. In one of these, Steve is stung by a needle found in the apartment and, fearing infection, is examined to discover that he has a specific brain cancer.

In another strange case, Steve notices a package of a legal drug called “Synchronic” and decides he wants to know more. He then discovers that it is some kind of synthetic version ofayahuasca And it is no longer produced. He buys the latest packages, and immediately a man tries to buy them back.

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When he refuses, the man follows him home and sneaks out for the night. Steve notices and starts a fight, but then the man explains to him that he is the creator of that drug, and that he has been collecting all the potions he can find to avoid further incidents of strange side effects that lead to drug users. to go back in time.

For now we stop here, not to spoil it, maybe we’ll reveal some more details below but if you want you can stop here, with the Italian trailer for Synchronic.

Case explanations

Now, imagine that one night you find an intruder in your house, and that intruder tells you that something you’ve bought is acting on a part of your brain that causes your body to send you back in time: how would you react?

You will probably call an ambulance, even before the police, to pick up this lunatic and treat him. But no, Steve is hardly a rebel, but soon becomes convinced that the story is the truth and then takes to the gist to find a missing person in the past.

Another “doesn’t add up” aspect concerns the temporal simultaneity of the jumps, in the sense that it is not clear why, by crossing a time gap, when returning the same amount of time elapsed in the present and the past, is then the same paradox we observed in surround.

But, as we mentioned at the beginning, synchronous It’s the right movie to watch late at night, perhaps after returning from a party, when you want to see something that makes your mind travel without asking too many questions. And if you get over a few inconsistencies here and there, you can safely enjoy this movie.

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Rating: 6.5

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