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“I don’t pretend.” I thank the spectators one by one

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Released November 3naughty boyThe director’s new movie Paolo Ruffini. Width A Rome, in the Piazza Cavour complex, was a hit among the crowd and dignitaries present at the cinema. Rovini shared the joy of these moments on social media, but very sincerely posted it on his profile tik tok Also a video showing an almost empty room for the premiere of his movie.

The director explained:I never pretend: There are full rooms and I’m glad when this happens. But I present the film in all theaters, even in those where there are few spectators. And when this happens, thank them one by one! ». The video depicts Paolo Ruffini bent on shaking hands with (a few) of the onlookers in the room. The actor and director concluded: “A big thank you to everyone who left the comfy sofa and stands tonight to go to the movies. Bad boy a lot of word of mouth, and he lives thanks to you! ».

Bad boy, new movie plot by Paolo Ruffini

“Ragazzaccio” directed by Paolo Ruffini with Giuseppe Fiorello, Massimo Ginni, Sabrina Impacator, Alessandro Bisigna, Ginni de Nucci. The movie’s tagline reads, “The most contagious virus is love.” And that’s exactly what Mattia, a teenager at war with the world in a city wracked by the pain of an epidemic, discovers. With the only tools of communication allowed (social networks and DDA at school), he will learn how to love a partner, he will find out what he can learn from comparison I am a teacher, he will understand that there is a feeling in his parents, he will find a way, above all, to love himself.

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