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Sweden and Martina International Symposium: Space for Interdisciplinary

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From Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June The new Padua Convention Center will host the first international symposium of Sweden and Martina. The event aims to bring together specialists from all disciplines of dentistry, presenting a program with several parallel sessions in the name of interdisciplinarity.

The implant session – prosthetics, the beating heart of the Sweden and Martina conferences, leaves ample space for reconstructive surgery and periodontology, to be a moment of great sharing in the clinical experience gained. In synergy with the concepts offered to the doctors, the session dedicated to the dental technicians is also held, to maximize the results obtained by the dental team.

For the first time, this program is surrounded by an endodontic session, which showcases Mtwo’s decades of experience with a more modern approach, fixed and invisible orthodontics, customized to new orthodontic solutions and F22 aligners. Also in this area will be presented many new styles, especially dedicated to the era of growth.

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