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WWE: Disgruntled Superstars Might Leave, But Not All

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At a time when WWE is unleashing waves of wrestlers due to “budget cuts,” it’s hard to say no to someone who really wants to leave on their own. Toni Storm’s recent exit from WWE has surprised a lot of people, both backstage and amongst fans. Tony wanted to leave, so WWE agreed to that request.

Ring Side News wanted to investigate this alleged “open door” to WWE for those who wish to leave the company and a source within the union noted that there is “an open door for it to be requested by someone we don’t want to release,” hinting that WWE is willing to satisfy those who haven’t. They return, wishing to stay, but at the same time she is ready to refuse to release the athletes whom she considers indispensable to the company.

We may see more superstars voluntarily leaving the company over time. WWE has already given this option to many athletes like Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, and many others.


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