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“I should have gone in when Alex was there but they changed their minds”

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Billy’s wife reveals a background to the Big Brother Vip writers’ choices.

How long has she been in Delia Duran the big brother vip, the argument Alex Bailey And their relationship is firmly back in the center of attention, both inside and outside the Cinecittà House. Delia spent most of these days trusting and listening to the opinions of most competitors who gave her advice and opinions. If some of them are convinced that rotation I have to leave Alex Since the ex-Givino clearly had no respect for others, I think her entry into the Gf was completely misplaced and futile in order to get her marriage back. Among those of course, Soleil rises, He also convinces himself that what happened between them Delia and Alex Everything is a stage.

The Venezuelan supermodel seems very confused about what to do and changes her mind frequently. DeliaOn the other hand, if you no longer want to give a chance to it Alex and wants to end their story, On the other hand, she still feels especially attached to him, and finds it hard to leave forever.

Delia He also talked about the background of the past few months. When the technical contact with Soleil rise was undermining her marriage, Delia Duran She revealed that she intends to enter as a competitor trying to salvage the relationship with her husband. the Authors But they changed their minds and decided to let her into the house later.

These are the words he said before Novella 2000:

I should have gone when Alex was still inside. The authors called me a contender and I said yes to save my marriage.” Everyone then wondered why Jevena didn’t take this step and she replied, “Then they changed their minds and stopped me. Here in the end they decided.”

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