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Super Oscar Torino 42nd Youth Soccer Tournament Here are the ‘Tournament Tournament’ kits

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Presentation and drawing – For the first time, the event at the beginning of the season is called “The Founding Father Pier Giorgio Frasinelli”. It starts on Saturday 3rd of September, with the final between 11th and 18th of September

The funniest moment of the evening presentation and draw of the 42nd Turin SuperOscar Youth Football Tournament, which took place this evening in Chieri, was when protagonist Paolo Montone, in his presentation to the participating teams, attributed the phrase to Lorenzo de Simone “So this is a year we will win” . Volpiano’s sporting director has let himself go to the obvious merits, even if the same “joke” last year was dedicated to Vincenzo Gaeta, president of Lascaris, who had already won the most important event of the start of the season.

Pending proof of Monton’s divine abilities, the “Championship of Tournaments,” as defined by Vanchiglia’s own secretary and SuperOscar president, has officially opened its doors with draws for groups and calendars: Starting Saturday 3 September, finals – all at Chieri’s beautiful sports facility – spread between Sunday 11, the final chapter of The under-19 tournament, the only singles elimination, and Sunday 18 September, when they play the last matches of Esordienti and Pulcini, passing the World Cup finals on Thursday (U-16 and U14) and Friday (U-17 and U15).

“For the first time SuperOscar was named after our founding father Pier Giorgio Frassinelli,” Munton recalls, then continued: “We have modernized it, and the manual calculations are no longer on a square sheet, but all computerized thanks to the contribution of Giovanni Carbone.” Speaking of early adopters, this was Stefano Sorrentino’s first official exit as Chieri’s president, and it will be Cassel’s first engagement. The award, named after “Prince” Alessandro Amitis, was bestowed by the father of the late Oscar-winning club bomber President Vincenzo Gaeta, who beat Chisola by one decimal. Thanks have been given to Sport Assist, who produced the new SuperOscar logo and website, and to technical sponsors Sebas and One Sport.

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Here, then, the results of the lottery, with the balls drawn by Secretary Chieri Mariagrazia Gallarato and Elisa Candido, Council member of the LND Piedmont Regional Committee and Valle d’Aosta.

Under 19 (CBS Domain)
Lascaris-Nichelino Hesperia
Chieri-Bsr Grugkiasco
Chizola Castle
Gassinosanraffaele-Pro Eureka
Volpiano Borgaro
CBS – Vanchiglia
Lucento Mirafiori

Under 17 years old (Vanchiglia field)
Group A: Alpignano, Volpiano, Pro Eureka, Venaria
Group B: Chery, Lucento, Borgaro, Castel
Group C: Chisola, Jacinosan Raffaele, Mirafiori, Nickelino Hesperia.
Fourth group: Lascaris, Cbs, Vanchiglia, Bsr Grugliasco

Under 16 (Lucento Square)
Group A: Chery, CBS, Mirafiori, Cassell
Group II: Chisola, Volpiano, Vanchiglia, Bsr Grugliasco
Group C: Alpignano, Lucento, Pro Eureka, Nichelino Hesperia
Group D: Lascaris, Jacinosanravel, Borgaro, Venaria

Under 15 years old (Barkanova Field)
Group One: Lascaris, Volpiano, Vanchiglia, Nickelino Hesperia
Group B: Chery, CBS, Mirafiori, Venaria
Group C: Alpignano, Gassinosanraffaele, Pro Eureka, Caselle
Group D: Chisola, Lucento, Borgaro, Psir Grogliasco

Under 14 years old (Paradiso Coligno Field)
Group One: Chisola, Jacinosan Raffel, Borgaro, Nickelino Hesperia
Group Two: Alpignano, Cbs, Pro Eureka, Caselle
Group C: Chery, Lucento, Vanchiglia, Psr Grogliasco
Group D: Lascaris, Volpiano, Mirafiori, Venaria

Under 13 (Chieri Field)
Group A: Alpignano, Gassinosanraffaele, Pro Eureka, Caselle
Group B: Chisola, CBS, Borgaro, Nickelino Hesperia
Group C: Lascaris, Volpiano, Mirafiori, Psir Grogliasco
Group D: Chery, Lucento, Vanchiglia, Venaria

Under 12 years old (Chizola Square)
Group One: Chisola, CBS, Pro Eureka, Nickelino Hesperia
Group B: Chery, Lucento, Borgaro, Venaria
Group C: Lascaris, Jacinosnaravel, Vanchiglia, Cassel
Fourth group: Alpignano, Volpiano, Mirafiori, Bsr Grugliasco

Under 11 (Cbs field)
First group: Alpignano, Gassinosanraffaele, Pro Eureka, Nichelino Hesperia
Group B: Lascaris, Lucento, Borgaro, Venaria
Group C: Chieri, Cbs, Vanchiglia, Bsr Grugliasco
Group D: Chisola, Volpiano, Mirafiori, Castile

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Under 10 years old (Pro Eureka Camp)
Group One: Lascaris, Volpiano, Mirafiori, Psir Grogliasco
Group Two: Chisola, Lucento, Fancylia, Necellino Hesperia
Group C: Chery, CBS, Borgaro, Cassell
Group D: Alpignano, Gassinosanraffaele, Pro Eureka, Venaria

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