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Italy relegates after a path of growth, now we have to start again towards Milan-Cortina 2026 – OA Sport

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Italy ice hockey revives the top division and returns to Division 1It has not happened since 2018. Bitter landing It is scheduled to take the last place in Group A dei Finland 2022 World Cup. A very disappointing result for the team coached by coach Greg Ireland, when he had been hoping for an important growth path, Stumbles upon a copy of the World Championship without expectationsat least from the point of view of results which, as is well known, always make a difference.

The expedition to Scandinavia left with great confidence for several reasons. First of all, there is an already well-established trajectory for our national team, so the fact that the expulsion of Russia (included in our group) has reduced the level of competitiveness, with two teams (France and Kazakhstan) always playing. in the upper section.

After the start of the World Cup was marked by Performance level against elusive teams (2-4 against Slovakia, 2-5 against Switzerland and 2-1 against Denmark) has arrived The two direct engagements that, as we have seen, settled everything. Overtime defeat against France sealed our fate. A match that took place until a few seconds from the end and got out of hand, and from that moment everything faltered with a heavy knockout against Germany and, in fact, Kazakhstan.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy to keep the top flight, but the hopes were there. The group was strong and important assurances were expected in view of the next four years that would lead us towards the Olympic Games in Milan-Cortina.. A heavy setback of course, but it’s not the end of it all. We still lack something to hold on to at these levels, but the movement will be able to restart with its head held high.

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This was also confirmed by the coach of Italy, Greg Ireland, on the official website of the International Federation of Football Associations (FISG).: “The elimination hurts so bad… We have been together for 6 weeks, away from our families. We have worked so much, convinced that we can win at least one match, and yet it is an injury that will not go away for long. We have shown in this World Cup that we are a competitive team.” Regularly.We have created a professional and positive culture in our team and raised the level of many players and therefore in the group.This year we have understood what we need,what are the things we know how to do and above all what are the things to improve.The factor that distinguishes us from other teams , along with the shortage of NHL players, is skateboarding. The better you skate, the more you will be involved in the game.”

Photo: Carola Cimino

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