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Sundays in Science at the Luria Library

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Gianfranco Petten

Climate crisis, global warming, reforestation, but also precision medicine, genetics and marine biology: these are some of the topics Sunday in Sciencereview of the Loria Library that returns with a series of meetings with experts and authors to deepen the topic The near future and the distant futureedited by Alfonso Cornea. Four appointments, all in the afternoon, at the beginning of the month, in cooperation with the library Phoenix Via Mazzini. Starts on October 9th with the article writer Gianfranco Petten who will speak Climate and time: the need and urgency for a radical ecological and economic transformation; Writer and environmental activist, historical advocate for the Greens, former parliamentarian and local official, Pettin works in social research also as a contributor to national newspapers and periodicals. The review will continue on November 6, 6 p.m.: Botanist Stefano Mancuso (Founder of Plant Neurobiology) will talk with Alfonso Cornea about the need to follow the path of reforestation as a solution, albeit in part, to the problem of global warming. On December 4, an appointment with a marine biologist Aileen Roncorone which together with Elisabetta Fiorini He will accompany those present on a “journey” to discover the wonders of the ocean. The conference session concludes on January 8, 2023 with the doctor Alicia CiarucciCoordinator of the USL-IRCCS Translational Research Laboratory at Reggio Emilia, who will deal with the topic Personal medicine or precision medicine? How genomics has changed the approach and management of a patient. All meetings begin at 6 PM: Admission is free, subject to availability.

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