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Empoli and Fazzini's injury: more space for Ranocchia?

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Empoli and Fazzini's injury: more space for Ranocchia? –

to'Empoli to Andreazzoli In less than two hours he will take the field against him Milan to Pegs. Not participating in the match Castellani It would be Jacopo Fazzini, Tuscan midfielder. An injury could force Filippo to find more space frogmarket target Palermo to Kurenai.

Empoli, Ranocchia's chance against Milan?

Rosanero's keen interest in the former Monza midfielder he has found is nothing new Very small space In Empoli. But Fazzini's injury may open up new scenarios. In fact, Ranocchia could get some minutes today against the Rossoneri and who knows Andreazzoli changed his mind And to the full management of Tuscan Company.

Despite this, it remains A starting jersey is unlikely For the class of 2001, below in the hierarchy compared to the trio Marin Grassi Salty. However, it cannot be ruled out that Ranocchia's future is already written in Sicily with Palermo Juventus (player card holder) Already been in touch for some time about the deal numbers.

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