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Diego Abatantuno, the tragic announcement: “I’ve lost everything”

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Diego Abatantuno – Lendereta 24

Behind the comedy, the great actor Diego Abatantuno hides a dark period in which he admits that he has lost everything.

Diego Abatantuno He is one of those actors who manages to reinvent himself without remaining fixed in one role or character. Everyone will remember his beginnings in the early eighties when he was playing “terrunciello” With a marked dialectical rhythm, raspy and cavoncello. Or, as he explains,The Apulian emigrant who pretended to speak Milanese and called Tyrone to those who arrived after him.

Films that brought him success in commercial comedies, from the very first Fantozzi against everyone And Tango jealousy Next to a great one Monica Vitti Even those who dedicated him to the role we have known him for, ie I am clearly, really exceptional And the creator Attila is the scourge of God, a true masterpiece of garbage. But there are countless others.

Then, the turning point. between the late 1980s and early 1990s Diego Abatantuno He performs serious and dramatic roles with great skill. And although he returned to comedy in the year 2000, his personality underwent a real transformation, the comedy is no longer the frivolity of the past but more sensitive and modern.

Loss of Diego Abatantuno

one of Diego Abatantuno It was a career that started with a bang, in the first two years of the 1980s alone he made 17 films, but that wasn’t a good thing and led him to a huge loss, he tells Corriere. Indeed, for the actor those films were in such a short time Too much. A serious manager would, after the first seven billion cash deposits, say to me ‘stay still for a year.’ Instead I I was pressuredran out of terrunciello and made managers disappear for tax money.”

Diego Abatantuno and Mauro Di Francesco in Attila Flagello di Dio-Lineadiretta24

Mostly he sinned by naivety, he was young, not yet knowing this world, he admits: “I knew nothing of this world. At twenty-five I thought I’d get rich.”

and say: “Last summer was beautiful. I had rented a villa in Sardinia, and had invited friends. Robert De Niro arrived: He was in Rome on a set and asked the production for a vacation spot where nobody got away. In fact, we didn’t speak the language and we always sang to ourselves.”. Then, to pay off his debts, he devoted himself to the evening. Later founded Colorado Movieshis own production company. A real winning idea.

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And today he is still acting, the last two movies in 2022, the money And Suddenly ChristmasAnd he admits it One regret: “A movie not made by Massimo Troisi: We were supposed to be Italian waiters in America held hostage with restaurant patrons, but Massimo died first”.

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