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Federico Fondi, The Return of the Dinosaur Hunter: From the Canada Mission to the Great Britain Mission

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The Dinosaur Hunter: Mission Great Britain

Between legends, sciences and great characters, archaeologist and national geographer Federico Fondi takes us on a journey to the United Kingdom, where archeology emerged as a field. The story of the dinosaurs develops here, and thanks to Nessie and Loch Ness the monster, their myth conquered the entire planet. The scientific discoveries made by dinosaur hunters since the 19th century set off one of the greatest scientific revolutions, and the scientific method and research began to impose themselves against centuries-old myths and myths.

Who Invented the First Dinosaurs? What exactly is a dinosaur? Spectacular sites intertwined with the history of those who wrote the first pages of the dinosaur hunt. We find out how the first dinosaur hunter was actually a young woman: Mary Annning, the first person to reveal to the world the incredible ‘sea monsters’ who ruled the seas during the time of the dinosaurs, ichthyosaurs and blizzards. Across the wild corners of Scotland and the Natural History Museum in London, the sinking rocks of the English Channel stretch from the Jurassic coast of Lyme Regis to Europe.

Follow Federico Fondi to the Oxford Museum and the Stonefield’s Lost Mines. Megalocerous, The first dinosaur ever described. We will enjoy the spectacle Fort Bridge, The 19th-century Iron Bridge is a perfect replica of three large dinosaurs. Siccar Point, The rocks sinking in the North Sea are a rocky ridge that reveals the true age of our planet.

There will be a special broadcast on National Geographic on January 1 at 8.55pm.

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