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Stefania Sandrelli, This Is Her “Greatest Lover”: He’s So Famous | This is what it is

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She is one of the most beloved and followed actresses of Italian cinema, but recently she made a confession that no one expected. In fact, she revealed the name of those who over the years have succeeded in making her and millions of Italians laugh. That’s what it is.

She is one of the actresses The most popular and followers on the Italian scene, which over the years has always managed to thrill and charm thanks to her roles played in films as well as her sparkling personality. And that’s why too Stefania Sandrelli She has always been a particularly desirable woman, who has lived the life many love.

Stefania Sandrelli, Facebook Source

Perhaps the love story we all remember was the one that the actress lived with Gino Pauli. It was a love that made many Italians dream, given that it had the starring role of one of the actresses and one of the peninsula’s most beloved songwriters.

Then the second great love was the one who has Nikki Bindi, whom she married and later had a child. love though Then he saw the end Which was later found with the French actor Gerard Depardieu. The two met on the set of the movie.Twentieth century“And here love blossomed.

Unfortunately, this report too reached the end But today Stefania Sandrelli seems to be happy again by her side Giovanni Soldati. With him can be Rediscover both happiness and passion, which is the same thing in which the actress participated in a film in which one of the most beautiful actors of Italian cinema also took part. On that occasion, Stefania Sandrelli was his mistress but recently made a confession of his and that It left the crowd in awe.

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An irresistible lover

Jerry Kalla, Facebook source

It’s really hard not to remember The forbidden love Between Stefania Sandrelli and her wonderful lover Jerry Kallawhich took place in the movie “Christmas Holidays 1983”. In that cute cinepante, the actor played a character belowAnd the playboy wizard who seduced the beautiful Stefania Sandrelli, who played the role of Ivana.

Their forbidden love, which happened exclusively on the set of filming, has conquered and entertained everyone.

It’s actually hard to resist Jerry Kalla’s sympathy. Even in reality, like in the movie, it always was lucky with women. However, he did not have a relationship with Stefania Sandrelli, other than the relationship between Bello and Ivana, although they have always had an excellent relationship.

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