Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Two days in Ferrante and one in Toscano

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Saturday’s dismissal in Gubbio cost Alexis Ferrante a two-match ban. The Cesena tip would therefore bypass Entella and Ancona. Thus was the motive: “Because, in the 43rd minute of the second half, he engaged in violent conduct towards an opposing player by hitting him, with the ball within playing distance and not caring for the same, with a kick in the groin. Penalty measure in application of Articles 13, Paragraph 2, and 38 From the CGS, after evaluating the general methods of behavior and considering that there are no consequences for the opponent.

One day disqualification and 500 euros for Domenico Toscano: “For his disrespectful behavior towards the four referees, in the 51st minute of the second half, as he left the technical area, entered the stadium for a distance of 10 meters to object to the referee’s decision and uttered words of disrespect for the referee’s team.”

300 euro fine in Cesena “For acts contrary to the rules of order and safety and acts of violence committed by his supporters stationed in the sector assigned to them, which involve a danger to public safety, represented by them throwing, in the first minute of the first half, a smoke bomb into the playing box, without consequences.”

Tomorrow Entella will also be without his coach Gennaro Volpi, who was dismissed in Reggio Emilia as Gaston Ramirez.

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