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State aid and how to save

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Even in the first months of 2022, the Italians had to deal with the constant increase in electricity and gas prices, which had a huge impact on the family’s accounts. Let’s see what interventions the government implements and how to save by switching to the free market.

keep going for height The Gas and electricity tariffWhat they have achieved in recent weeks Standard Prices Not touched in recent years.

To reduce the impact of price hikes on bills as much as possible, it is possible to rely on them State rewardsIf you meet the requirements, or you choose an offer in free marketwhich certainly provides for lower costs than the protected market alternatives.

Let’s see together what are the main aids implemented by the government and some tips to implement if you choose to enter the free market for electricity and gas.

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Increasing bills: government interventions

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To help the Italians in the fight against New increases in electricity and gas pricesThe government has previously provided:

  • there Social Reward Extensionwhich in the first quarter of 2022 allowed households to save up to 200 euros on the electricity component and up to 400 euros on the gas component;
  • there Extension until June 30, 2022 to reduce VAT on gas to 5% And theTemporary cancellation of general system feesthat is, all those elements that the supplier cannot touch.
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Duty Free: How to save

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Regardless of state aid, the way forward Save on electricity and gas bills Primarily includes moving to free market.

Once you’re done, using a file Online comparison The offers available in the market must be analyzed in order to determine the most suitable solution for its consumption.

In addition to the selling price of light and gas components, which should guarantee savings compared to the protected market, the following are recommended:

  • choose one Fixed price promotionfor at least 12 months (in order to protect against all possible future price increases);
  • participation in Dual fuel type boostwhich provides for the activation of the electricity and gas offer with the same supplier.

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