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Stanley Cup: Why are mice raining on Florida ice?

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It’s raining rats in Florida

In fact, on the field, at the end of the match, it happens depending on the outcome of the matches. Yesterday took place one of the most important games of all time: Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final: Florida Panthers vs. Edmonton Oilers

Finally the mice came down.

That every time you remember the end of Magnolia.
It was raining frogs there. Quote from the Bible, Exodus 8:2. Rain has a healing function, which means freeing oneself from suffering. This is, in the end, a victory: freedom from suffering. The more important, sincere, anticipated, and full of tensions and pressures the match, the more refreshing, refreshing, and blessed will the feeling of freedom from suffering be.


You can imagine what it must have been like, anticipating, full of tension and pressure, the first game of the final, at home, for a team that only lost the final last year (with Las Vegas), and did not win. has won the Stanley Cup ever.

The tradition at Sunrise – just north of Miami – was born in 1995/96, the third season of the Panthers franchise. Before the game against Calgary, a rat appeared in the locker room. It is said that Scott Mellanby did not bat an eyelid. He grabbed the stick and shot it at the wall like it was a great shot puck. Flattened mice

Then everyone is on the field. Beautiful win over Calgary with two goals from Mellanby himself. But the genius of the evening was goalkeeper John Vanbiesbrouck, who said in an interview: “Scott pulled a tricky trick tonight.”

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At first the reporters clearly did not understand this, and Vanbiesbrouck joked with the term hat-trick, a hat-trick: with the goal scored with a pantegana (slut, bunga), Mellanby had in fact scored three goals.
Back in the locker room, with some sympathy, some of the Panthers began accusing their equipment manager, Scott Tinkler, of disposing of the rat carcass. Perhaps they would like to bury him in a dignified manner. Or maybe they wanted to mummify him. maybe.
So, in the following days, Tinkler went to a store that specialized in Halloween merchandise and bought a rubber mouse to put in the dressing room.

Meanwhile, the matter became public. Someone pointed out that 1996 was the Year of the Rat in the Chinese calendar, and oh, the season became the “Year of the Rat.” Fans began purchasing plastic and rubber mice of all sizes. And to throw them on the ice, not with every win, but with every goal for the Panthers.


This was good. In 1996, accompanied by a rain of rats, the Panthers reached the final. Where they were defeated by Colorado

The NHL banned throws. Because after all the network collecting mice was a waste of time. But not at the end of the game. At that point who cares


And so there was more desire for mice last night than ever before.
The Panthers beat Edmonton 3-0. And in the end it was a little Magnolia, a little Ratatouille

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