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Real Madrid – Real Sociedad 4-1 Report papers: Modric draws football, Benzema aims and assists

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Real Madrid – Real Sociedad 4-1

Real Madrid

Courtois 6 – Oyarzabal stabbed him with an impeccable penalty kick, otherwise he would have little to do with it.

Carvajal 6.5 Inflicts the penalty kick at the opening match and attempts to correct it by rushing more often to support the offensive maneuver. Get up with the help of Asensio. From 39th Street: Vazquez sv

Military 6.5 – Almost no problem with slippery Isak, effectively controlling Basque reruns through central streets.

Alaba 6Return to the center of defense and perform attentively without disdain for some initiatives under construction.

soggy 6.5 – After a start that featured some physical dueling with Zaldua, he gave nothing practical in the rest of the game.

Modric 7.5A magnificent performance by the previous Golden Ball, who made a decisive pass for Camavinga’s goal and signed herself on the doubling with an unstoppable shot from 25 meters. Let’s admire. From 37th Street: Ceballos sv

Casemiro 6 Stylistically, he’s the least underrated of the three in midfield, but he’s still functional and present at every stage of the game.

Camavinga 7 – He does a lot of dark work in the early part of the match and then takes to the stage with Eurogol which actually unlocks Real Madrid.

Rodrigo 6.5 Makes himself useful by always being ready to communicate with his teammates. He does not find the way to the goal himself but is always snappy from the opponent’s area. From 32nd Street: Asensio 7 The first ball he touches deserves the final 4-1. deadly.

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Benzema 7 – The third time is good: after two goals not allowed due to offside, he managed to put his signature on the match, converting the penalty kick that deserved the moment 3-1, the 20th goal of the season. He also put in the scoring sheet a good help for Modric, the number one in the Spanish League, with huge numbers. From 39th Street: Diaz sv

Vinicius Jr. 6.5 – In the first part of the match he suffers a bit from the pressure of the scorers and risks being tense. Much better in the second half when he was able to express himself at his usual levels. From 37th Street: Marcelo sv

Carlo Ancelotti 7 Despite his imminent participation in the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain, he does not abandon his very reliable owners and return him a high-quality performance.

Real Madrid

REMERO 6 He can’t do anything about Real Madrid’s goals, especially Camavinga and Modric, who have given up their dungeon racing cars. He opposes as much as he can the many assaults on the Blancos.

Zalda 6 – He must deal with Vinicius and be able to reduce the danger of the Brazilian, especially in the first half. From 19th Street: Elustondo 5.5.4 Enter a moment of suffering for Real Sociedad, not a defect, but receiving the penalty kick for the hosts, facing Vinicius on the edge of the area.

Le Norman 6 In the defense of Real Sociedad he has the most possession of the ball, but he still made some mistakes in the final.

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Pacheco 5.5.5 – He received a blow in the first half an hour, then Real Madrid managed to weaken the host’s defense in just 4 minutes, forcing Alguacil to change his lineup. from the beginning: Ravinia 5.5 He fights stubbornly for all the balls, but fails to activate the Basque.

Zobeldia 5 He does everything he can to celebrate the Madrid attacking giants but not at the same pace as them.

Gurusabil 5.5 – Tried to contain Rodrigo’s spells, I rarely managed to lock up spaces.

Silva 5.5– From the midfield to the more advanced areas, he wins the penalty kick but gives Modric all the space to invent the goal 2-1. Two-sided racing. from the beginning: Jahra 6 He gets into the right situation but is unlucky and eventually muscular dissatisfaction forces him to leave his teammates out of number.

Elaramendi 5.5.1– In the second as a start after a long hiatus due to injury, he showed some shy initiatives but quickly retreated to contribute to the defensive block of Real Sociedad. From 19th Street: zombiendi 5 Enter when the match is now firmly in the hands of Real Madrid.

Merino 5.5 – He starts as a midfield winger, then when the tactical line-up changes, he arranges himself in front of the defense where he can express himself better.

Oyarzabal 6 – After a promising start, culminating in a converted penalty kick, he gradually withdraws his range of motion and no longer creates risks to the opponent’s goal.

Isaac 6 – He tries to capture the team every time he gets a chance, and he also makes many counter-attacks but does not interfere with Courtois. From 36th Street: Sorloth sv

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Emmanol Alguasel 5 – He prepared for the match with a different squad than usual, and in the first half hour he was able to harness the initiative of Madrid, but in the long run the qualities of Real Madrid appear, as the Basques suffer from a lack of energy.

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