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Spies, narcotics, or simple unwise? –

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to Guido Olympio

A week ago, the rescue services helped a boat that had been caught in a storm off the coast of Gdansk. Nothing is known about the main characters: many questions remain

Three men in a boat, snorkeling equipment, a stormy night 5 km off the Polish coast. They are the The only confirmed data for Gdańsk’s secret, among many suspects and few certainties.

A week ago, at 1.53am, the rescue services received a call for help from a small motorboat in difficulty in the middle of a storm. The temperature is six degrees, and it is even lower in the water. The guard reaches the boat, which is four meters long, and finds a trio supplying the boat Unconfirmed versionWe went out hunting and started having problems six hours ago. They say they are Spaniards, and the ‘helmsman’ shows an Iberian identity document, and his comrades don’t have one. Then they provide two phone numbers. The cops notice that the boat is not well, without permits. On board the ship they find diving equipment, including a “scooter” to quickly move forward with the dive. Nothing does add. Since they waited so long before sounding the alarm, the gear had nothing to do with traditional hunting. The area in which it has been identified is close to a station where ships carrying gas dock, always near factories related to the energy sector.

The collection of details should require in-depth checks. Instead – again on the basis of the official reconstruction – the three “Spaniards” were released, probably leaving Poland a few hours later as they had arrived by car. When investigators try using phone numbers they don’t have results, they’re talking transcription errors. It’s a thick fog. When the story comes out the embarrassment is palpable. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reassured: “It was clear that he thought they had bad intentions. But it turned out that they were not dangerous and told the truth.

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Meanwhile, the media is checking. They discover that the “Spaniards” have been renting a room since the 16th in a building in Wdzydze Tucholskie, an inland town an hour from Gdańsk. On the day of the mystery, they arrive in Ilawa – a city not really close to the sea – where they buy the used boat after seeing an advertisement online. They also order a cart for transportation and leave for Gdansk. Journalists make sure that the strange personalities rented snorkeling equipment at the diving center in Gydnia. The owner adds: They wanted to buy a boat and asked if we were ‘going out’ but we replied that the weather conditions were extreme over the weekend, anyway they seemed like regular customers. Testimonials don’t help much, just a certain acceleration evident, Expedition closed due to too risky adventure despite bad weather.

The scenarios remain unanswered. The first suggests aAn unlikely business for spies. Frogmen is a strategic airport for a key country to support Ukraine. The second is adjacent: a Survey of alleged vandalsAnd The situation in Nord Stream. And the third leads to drug organizations, to a unified modus operandi: Divers recovering drugs from a Latin American merchant ship. There was no shortage of interesting cargo ships this weekend. Fourthly: The truth is always the simplest, no intrigue, just as foolish as the Prime Minister seems to depend. Shadows turned menacing due to the international momentum.

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