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The Eyes of Wakanda animated series is in development

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Black Panther director Ryan Coogle is also involved in the project, which was announced during a promotional event for Season 2 of What If?.

Let’s get ready to return to Wakanda. Marvel Studios And Disney+ Announced the development of a new animated series focusing on Black Panther And with a title Wakanda’s eyes.

Eyes of Wakanda: first details

This news, which is considered top secret so far, was announced through a video shown by the Marvel CEO Brad Winderbaum During an event to promote the second season of the anime anthology what if? Coming to Disney+ starting December 22nd. According to the previews, the film’s director is also involved in the project Black Panther Ryan Kugel. “Throughout Wakanda’s history, brave warriors have been tasked with traveling the world to recover dangerous vibranium artifacts. This is their story” is the short story Official summary From the series.

The first film focused on a character Black PantherWith the deceased Chadwick Boseman In the lead role, it was released in 2018 to great success and has grossed over $1.3 billion globally. sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Released in 2022, it honors the memory of T’Challa and Boseman by passing the baton, in the lead role, to Letitia Wright.

The next Marvel series is coming to Disney+

Wakanda’s eyes It adds to the long list of Marvel Studios series arriving in the coming months on Disney+, despite recent strikes by actors and screenwriters. The next appointment is with the spin-off hook sound echo Which will debut with all five episodes available immediately on January 10. They will arrive soon Iron heartwith Dominic Thorne Who will resume the role he already held Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverincidental to WandaVision Agatha: Darkhold Diary with Kathryn Hahn And Daredevil: Born againwhich is a revival of the previous Netflix series that will bring the stars of the series back to the scene Charlie Cox And Vincent D’Onofrio (The latter is also found in sound echo).

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