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Pivagno, Little Hollywood at the foot of Pisalta with the Amicorte International Film Festival

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A duet by Al Sapienza and Deborah Renard accompanied by the Suzuki Orchestra, two stars of American series, respectively – The Sopranos and Dallas – set the pace on the first day of the Amicorti International Film Festival in Peveragno that debuted today, June 10, at Cinema Village was set up in the Center Formont which until June 18th is Little Hollywood at the foot of Bisalta. Fantastic day – blue sky, postcard green mountains – Guests greeted by director and founder of the Nirita Rossi Festival and honorary chief producer Gisela Marengo on the red carpet as everyone wanted to have their picture taken before they entered the Sala Fellini assembled, a tensile structure with a capacity of 450 A seat, for the occasion. The head of the international jury for the short films section is director Giacomo Battiato, who arrived with his wife, Anna Zaniva. With them are Nolan Gerard Funk, Roger Rove, Antonio Iorio, Patrizio Rispo, Medea Ciasat, Andrea Del Boca, Deputy Director of the Festival, Luigi Di Fiori and other film and television heroes. On stage, interviewed by Gian Maria Gerboto and Karen Beaver, Gisela Marengo renewed her friendship with the Peveragnese Festival which, thanks to her commitment, has become a world exhibition because 70 works in competition arrive from the world, including short films, documentaries, animated films and clips The music video, a strong reference to social issues, from violence against women to disability, to the environment. Tomorrow at 10, the performances begin non-stop. All program on the festival website.

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