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Demon Slayer – Towards Pillar Training – Movie (2024)

Demon Slayer – Towards Pillar Training – Movie (2024)

Andrea Fornasero

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

After the usual musical recaps of previous seasons, we find Tanjiro in the middle of a difficult battle, in which his various allies have for one reason or another been forced to stand aside. He is the only one who will be able to defeat the demon that has infiltrated the village of Mazurin Katana once and for all. However, sunrise is looming on the horizon and this may force Tanjiro to choose whether to fight or protect his possessed sister Nezuko, but with a twist, she will make the dramatic decision herself…

After the great success it achieved Demon Slayer – Mugen Trainthe saga created by Koyoharu Gotoge continues to propose cinematic chapters, which act as a bridge between the television seasons.

But if Mougins train It was at least a partly independent production, so much so that subsequent seasons on television did not completely recycle scenes, but here we are faced with a formula that can be summed up in a synopsis + preview. In fact, the end of Season 3 is proposed again and the beginning of Season 4 is anticipated, without ever worrying about building a full narrative. Mougins trainalthough it did not attempt to present a world Demon Slayer For viewers, at least it focused the story in one place and followed a crescendo towards the end, in short like a fairly conventional film, whereas here we are witnessing something completely different.

climax Demon Slayer – Towards Pillar Training It's actually set in the first part of the film, which begins in media res after a synopsis that can only be deciphered by fans. Once the battle is over, we find ourselves in a low-tension phase, with Tanjiro in a hospital bed, and about ten characters entering the scene who have never been seen before and were never introduced to the audience, who clearly already own it. “. is known from the TV series. What follows is a simple setup for the events that the next season will focus on, namely the translation training that the heroes will have to participate in. The training that only appears in a few simple scenes, all without the young main characters and with only the teachers. Thus The film does not go towards the full ending and is a simple launch, without even a cliffhanger, again aimed at fans only.

This is not the first time anyway, but rather the second previous film Demon SlayerReleased in Italy in 2003 with translation Towards the village of Katana Blacksmiths It followed the same formula, which “Verso” already mentioned. Mazuru Katana Village, as well as Pillar Training, are actually the titles of the narrative story of Koyoharu Gotoge's manga which will be adapted by Haruo Sotozaki's anime series next season. More than one film is viewed as a “part one” and is often vaguely communicated, e.g Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verseto stay with the animation, or how Sand dunes Villeneuve Where there was no “part one” in the title, here the process is completely transparent.

In addition to being aimed exclusively at knowledgeable fans, the films Demon Slayer They now follow an established formula. Ultimately, if their audience does not accept the cinema simply becoming a meeting place, a kind of pre-show of a TV series, then this is the path that will continue to be followed, because it is economically sustainable and promotionally effective. A view beyond fan service. It's simply not cinema, but it doesn't pretend to be, so there's no scandal.

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