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Calcio Iselenza – Novellini: “La Castellana exists, but now enough naivety”

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Castellana “Fortune favors the brave, and we invest little of our energy in this situation.” This is the bitter comment of Castellana's general manager Alessandro Novellini, regarding Castellana's defeat in the Scanzorossiati, in the first match of 2024. An endless tunnel, the tunnel of the Biancazzurri, who have slipped from first place to the final rounds in a short period of three months. There has been no victory since October 8, beating Atletico Cortefranca 3-0. Then only four draws and an endless series of defeats, 8. “For the thousandth time, the referees did not see events in our favor. They saw an exciting penalty kick that was not awarded to Ruffini. But we are also doing our part – commented manager Biancazzorro – because once we are in front, a mistake like Pinotti's by a player of his experience should be avoided. The boy knows he made a mistake, but we should avoid these things, since that was a useless reaction. We pay a high price for everything, and we have to start doing what depends on us. We need to pay attention, and I will repeat that endlessly.” Mr. Giovanni Arioli emphasized: “The offers are always there, and that is why we have no intention of changing the technical guide. So much so that 10 minutes before the end, despite the numerical disadvantage, we were ahead. The coach is doing well, but we have to put behind us the cloud of negativity that a negative series like this brings. I am convinced of the quality of my boys, even the new ones have integrated well. Aceti scored straight away, and were good at being in the right place at the right time, but others are making their contribution as well. “So how do we get out of this situation?” Nasr. We need victory to break the spell. I see a team that believes in him despite everything. But, as I was saying, we need to limit mistakes.” Now the standings are really scary, as the Biancazzore occupies thirteenth place, and first in the table: “Let's not think about it, this group deserves much more than that. You have to combine “Performance and points. I am convinced that we will succeed.”

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