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Arena Hockey: Italy’s national team to participate in the first meeting towards the European Championship 2023

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Approach marchItaly has officially kicked off the 2023 Men’s European Roller Hockey Championship, which will be held in Sant’Sadorni d’Anoia (Barcelona), from July 17-22.

Coach Alessandro Bertolucci, with the help of his technical team, revealed the names Of the 12 players (3 goalkeepers and 9 movement agents) who will meet on Friday 23 June to prepare the first Goldecat 2023 and then the Continental Review.

Riccardo Gnata, Giulio Cocu, Francesco Campagno, Davide Gavioli, Francisco Ebenazar and Andrea Malagoli will be up front.r of the team who will miss them for various reasons Alessandro Verona, Federico Ambrosio, David Panini and Francesco Panini. Below is the full and updated list of shortlisted candidates and blueprint roadmap.

Italy national team 12
Goalkeepers: Riccardo Gnata (HC Forte dei Marmi), Bruno Sagra (HC Valdagno), Stefano Zampolli (GS Hockey Trissino)
Court players: Morgan Antonioni (Wasken Lodi amateurs), Nicola Barbieri (Wasken Lodi amateurs), Ilia Cinquin (HC Forte dei Marmi), Giulio Cocco (GS Hockey Trissino), Francesco Compagno (Reus Deportiu), Alessandro Faccin (Wasken Lodi amateurs), Davide Gavioli (GS Hockey Trisino), Francisco Ebenazar (GS Hockey Trisino), Andrea Malagoli (GS Hockey Trisino)
Technical Controller: Alessandro Bertolucci – Assistant coach: Mirko de Gironi
Goalkeeper coach: Leonardo Barozzi – Fitness Trainer: Andrea Bemme – Physiotherapist: christmas angel – mechanical: Giovanni LaBianca – Giuseppe Monarito

Men’s Italian National Events
GOLDENCAT 2023-June 30 to July 2
Match list not available – Opponents: Catalonia, France, Portugal

Men’s European Championship 2023 – July 17-22
Qualifying stage – Group A
Monday 17 July 2023 – 6:30 PM – Portugal x Italy
Tuesday, July 18, 2023 – 21:00 – Italy x France
Wednesday 19th July 2023 – 9.00pm – Italy x Spain
Thursday 20 July 2023 – Quarter-finals
Friday 21st July 2023 – Semi Finals
Saturday 22nd July 2023 – Finals

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Photo: Antonio Lopez WS Europe

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