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Spends $57,000 in Covid Compensation for Pokémon Card: Arrested for Fraud –

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From Georgia, the United States, comes the strange case of a man, according to Reconstruction of Federal Agents $57,000 well spent for one person pokemon card Very rare, but the problem was that he would have used the money in the process government money He was awarded as compensation for the damage caused by Covid, and thus charged with fraud.

According to the Telegraph, Dublin, Georgia resident Vinath Odomsin had requested economic support for the Economic Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, which allows access to funds for those who have suffered significant damage to their business due to disasters of various kinds, in which case they are accused Situation caused by Covid-19.

Odsen had asked for money because of his own money a job The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated him so badly, a situation which is unfortunately common now, that he has been awarded the EIDL Fund.

Ash and his companions in prison, from a scene from the Pokémon animated series

Funds so obtained will be used to pay “salaries, mortgages or rents, equipment costs, and other normal business expenses,” according to US government regulations.

Instead, it appears that Oudomsine, after receiving $85,000, spent $57,789 to purchase one very rare, unidentified Pokémon card. However, this is not something very rare and expensive, with some cards running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as a 1999 Charger hologram that sold for about $400,000.

In any case, it is certainly not an expense that is allowed to use EIDL’s own funds, which are also combined with Contradictions Found by the authorities in the request of the man in question. For the money, he allegedly has a company with ten employees and a turnover of more than $200,000, but that doesn’t seem to come back with actual Oudomsine data.

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In short, the whole thing sparked an investigation that then revealed the strange state of the Pokémon Card: At this point, the man risks being convicted of fraud which could lead him in the US to risk “up to 20 years in prison” and a $250,000 fine.

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