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Engas Hockey Vercelli: A fiery weekend is coming up

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Roberto Crudelli He measures the situation in light of France’s away game.

weeks dedicated to Vercelli Hockey Injas: After a poor away game in Lodi, the team is now gearing up to face a fiery weekend in France where they will take part in the Ski World Cup Europe (ex Circe Cup). Before leaving for Noisy-le-Grand, a French town in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, coach Roberto Crudelli evaluated the team. “We knew we had a very complicated period ahead, where we have to face the strongest teams in the tournament, and we’re doing it well except for Tuesday’s away game in Lodi. But you have to understand that, these are things that can happen, poor performances can appear and they were There are some mitigations. Oruste was injured, he stayed on track for the whole of the first half but couldn’t make the contribution he would have liked. Our aim is to get him back as quickly as possible, and then We must continue to produce performance As we did in other matches ».

The team won 2 matches and lost 2, and the team was completely reconfigured after the change on the bench between Roberto Crudelli and Sergi Ponset. “We had important performances, – Crudelli continued, – in Lodi, instead, there was no actual performance. The team should not give up like he did. Now let’s look ahead, Let’s go to France We have two very difficult games and we will try to assess the pros and cons of the games to get the shot right.” It was a promise from the club to bring international hockey back to Vercelli and it was fulfilled. Now, however, there is a need to separate the pass for the next round, and it would be okay to do so Necessary to win or be among the best runners-up. Engas Hockey will face Vercelli at Noisy le Grand Arena, Spain’s Finques Prat CE Lleida on Saturday afternoon and Sunday will be the showdown with the host.

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Two difficult challenges and an ambitious goal for the team and the club, who will then return on the night between Sunday and Monday and will immediately have to return to work in light of the last match of the first leg of the tournament. which will take place on Wednesday 21 at Pala Pregnolato With Ubroker Bassano. Moreover, the mid-year market is approaching and will go hand in hand with the selections of those players who will choose to leave, as Matteo Brusa seems to want to do, directed towards Azzurra Novara.

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