Home sport With Lukaku and Barilla, Inter Milan regain Lyon – football

With Lukaku and Barilla, Inter Milan regain Lyon – football

With Lukaku and Barilla, Inter Milan regain Lyon – football

As with Monaco, Inter also need two slaps against Lyon to start getting serious, especially in the goal area. In Cesena, the Nerazzurri, led by Simone Inzaghi, fell 0-2, after a good start, but in the second half they managed to equalize thanks to goals from Lukaku and Parilla. Two weeks after his debut in the league, Simone Inzaghi’s men showed an athletic condition that had not yet reached the top, although they continued to show good plots especially in the first stage of the first half. The coach on 8/11 tested what should be a typical line-up, with the exceptions of only Onana, Dambrosio and Dimarco (with Skriniar and Gouzens taking charge in the second half), yet he received good responses especially from the former Ajax goalkeeper, crucial in the final. However, Lukaku and Lautaro were still full, although they eventually got a hand in the two Inter goals. The Nerazzurri start has given us hope, with several occasions after the initial study phase. But the weak goal of Lukaku and Dimarco did not allow the benefit. So Lacazette thought of pushing Lyon forward, with a header to beat Onana from a cross from former Milan Paqueta. The French then nearly doubled with a column from Gusto, finding 0-2 at the start of the second half with Sherky. Inter reacted at that moment: Lukaku immediately reopened the match with the help of DiMarco, then Parilla managed to beat the French goalkeeper with a touch below, with the help of Lautaro, to close the match in the best possible way. . Quick restart. After the classic whirlwind of substitutions, Onana was in the deciding final, with smanacciata on the crossbar on a header close to Dembel√®. Inter will return to the field next Saturday 6 August in Pescara against Villarreal in the last pre-season friendly before the first league match against Lecce.

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