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Space, the legacy of Colao’s legacy continues: it’s time to clarify

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by Stefano Lacoforbio

September 20, 1870 is a historic date for Italy, infantry and Bersagleri I entered breach Porta Bia At 10:35, four hours after the launch of a cannon led by D General Cadorna; Thus fell the last obstacle to Italian unity and the temporal strength of the pope. September 20 this year is another historic date for a community smaller than the national community, a society space: The event was determined by a newspaper.political sganassone“For Dr. Vittorio kulaointerim minister in the Mitd, and trusted chief of staff Steven Verbo.

But let’s go through in order, starting from the beginning of the story to the end slap They are attracted to the two as a result of their somewhat questionable activities in terms of formal administrative correctness and institutional reputation; Topics they showed they were unfamiliar with, not to mention hesitant. The story begins about three months after the start of Draghi government at the Undersecretary Tobaccowho was initially entrusted with delegation In Spazio, he was forced to resign after a series of family initiatives that led to his son’s employment in Leonardomoreover in the region strategyembarrassing conflict of interest between the duties of a father and son.

The delegation turns to Dr. Colau, Minister of Technological Innovation, who presented a paper First-class management curriculum Even if it is completely separate from the spatial context. Even less useful are the methods of experts surrounded by the Minister himself and who prove that they are not at the level of the international competitors that it is necessary to confront in order to protect and defend Italy’s weight in this sector. Once the initial enthusiasm fades quickly, the situation also doesn’t seem easy because the problems come to a head shortcomings Administrativehas been widely highlighted already for years, from the president and the first line ofasi Faced with the possibility of using a couple Extra billions For national funds provided by banner.

Minister devoid of Technical skills Specs and without enough support, you quickly realize that the only way to move forward is to put yourself in the hands of the general manager ofhex that can guarantee satiate For a job that is economically correct and acceptable and respects the restrictions imposed by Europe. The relationship of trust between the two is strengthened phone calls They multiply over time, ensuring serenity for the person responsible for the spatial delegation who, however, makes a second mistake: authorized Indeed ASI but does not complete the work by clearing the situation completely to rebuild the agency and his agency credibility From scratch from the base. Instead, it retains an extension apical structure It also gives her the ability to cast Finance Programs except for those named Pnrr. Once again, a classic example of Italian-style half scales.

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In the case of operational chaos, the idea of ​​centralizing the whole under his control also arises. judgment For the national space by creating the elusive Division Managed by a first class manager, Head of Department, with two second-tier executives plus a panel of experts. In addition, it is proposed to expand the range directors group of ASI with two other members referred to respectively by moris now de facto excluded from the control and management of the sector, and from his country Ministry. The process aims to unload Commentthe Interministerial Committee on Space, which, by law, has strategic mission To define national sector policies by delegating the Minister once implemented using ASI Executing Agency.

On April 30th, dpcm from Council Presidency It defines roles and functions by providing an integration of the ASI platform to be completed by October 30th. Unfortunately, however, the process was missed, the government fell and the elections were scheduled for September 25. So one would expect a block of Situation which should be bequeathed, if agreed, to the next government.

This is not the case with the duo Colao Verbo Instead, it speeds up time dramatically. It turns out that there is already a file candidate To the direction of the former department which is now, due to the fall of the government, a simple office in Council Presidency: Without a public announcement or at least a ruling in the public administration, the doctor is appointed Elena Grivone Assistant Director General of the European Space Agency (the lady would like to know Prime Minister) which will start service on September 1. His approach is well known to those who have worked in the aerospace sector at a European level for years; Everyone knows her as an attentive and efficient assistant to the general manager but no one has ever known if she has managed and directed a program From the European Space Agency Or at least a technical or scientific project, even a small one. The Confusion On choosing to stay.

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In August, the Minister asked the head of the ASI, always subordinate to the powerful in service, to invite the agency’s 25th board of directors to Formalize Merge the two members by appointing in addition to d. Griffony on behalf of and on behalf of her Ministry. To formalize the process, on September 20, five days before the election, he called a Comment which also contains Telecommunications The names of the new members of the Board of Directors.

In the face of this position contrary to the official memorandum of the Dragon Regarding last-minute appointments, the political response was The famous sganassone: The session vanished with only 3 in attendance for the twelve members required by law, in a clear political indication that the procedure was complete. File still appears embarrassment Institutional indifference, the Minister decided, although now on the podium, that the legal constraint that “Comment’s opinion must be heard even if it is not binding” has been implemented and that A committeeand did not introduce himself, he expressed his opinion that the appointments could be made, a bold interpretation of Administrative Law Clearly, someone is not well versed in this matter.

On this non-existent legal basis, the Chairman of ASI called a board of directors comprising both the new Individuals; On the basis of specific legal disputes by the member invoking the above, the advice Request for explanation postponed toState Prosecutor On the basis of disputed. Pending a response, the President convened a new Board of Directors on November 10, and also invited the two new candidates. After not receiving a response from the attorney’s office, the board of directors is convened without them and Dr. Griffoni is summoned to Asi and then returned. It’s Monday 14 AM official confirmation the validity of legal criticisms by the bar association; there date Cannot be considered valid since method which prescribes the role of the Commint. More political sganassone for each of the previous tenants of tda ministry now disappeared in the new government structure, both for the presidentasi who will try again with the next Board of Directors meeting on November 19, to continue feeding doubts about his knowledge of Administrative Law Despite what he says in his autobiography that mentions his master’s degree in Business Administration.

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The whole situation makes us think about some issues that are worth deepen By those who today have a mandate to space. How do I happen reviewers Of the accounts, among which the investigative judge also sits in Audit BureauDid any problems arise regarding the appointment that the Attorney General had clearly determined to be incorrect? How justified is the appointment of Dr. Griffoni compared to yours Curriculum And to the fact that the office space you manage (not a general manager as you qualify for LinkedIn) within PCM’s Digital Innovation Division while mandated space Head to Minister Urso At the head of the Ministry of Enterprise and Manufacture in Italy? It’s really time for to clarify With a complete reset to make the entire sector comparable again, in terms of quality and efficiency, with our sector competitors As it was years ago.

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