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ISS, from bad space news for the Russian cosmonaut, moments of real horror that interrupted his extravehicular activity

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During the external maintenance operations of one of the robotic arms of the International Space Station, broadcast live by NASA, Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Denis Matveev got into an accident that left everyone in a state of anxiety. But fortunately, security measures immediately activated by the Russian space agency Roscosmos made it possible to escape from the worst. Let’s find out the details.

The unexpected happened, fortunately without any serious consequences for the astronauts, on Wednesday, August 17 –

It was a routine process, defined in technical terms Eva (any non-vehicle activity) and in the slang, space walknecessary to carry out operations Routine maintenance of an external robotic arm for the International Space Station.

Everything is “observed” at the planetary level through one live broadcast live Broadcast by NASA, which showed two Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev And the Denis Matveyev Carrying out the operation, walking in the vacuum, and taking care of the arm on which the maintenance activity will be carried out.

And here, all of a sudden, during the process, I reached an end point order Ordered by cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev give up activities And immediately return to the so-called “air lock” to contact the power cells of the space station.

Characteristics of the accident of cosmonaut Artemyev

ISS Space Station August 19, 2022
Spacewalking on the International Space Station –

The accident involving me spacesuit battery sensors From cosmonaut Artemyev who, in reading Voltage Internally, they showed the parameters Abnormal It began to fluctuate unexpectedly. The Russian Space Agency noticed the anomaly Roscosmos So he immediately began security measures and ordered the astronaut to return to the station.

Then the process stopped at about Two hours after startingcompared to about seven expected, and a few hours later, NASA issued an official statement in which it determined that the two astronauts are not You are not in mortal danger But he was chosen to move forward with stopping the operation as a measure precautionary.

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Despite the international tensions currently underway on our planet, cooperation between NASA and Roscosmos in space remains active and must be maintained until 2028. However, Russia has already announced that it is working on building its own space station, deliberately Russians. So it seems that the cooperation between the United States and Russia will end in space as well in the near future.

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