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Here are the new (university) world champions

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Italy, unfortunately, failed to make it past the group stage with 3 defeats in 5 games. However, before heading home, the Mixers boys picked it up A great satisfaction: Defeated Germany 17-15 after overtime. From the group stages, North America’s leadership was immediately apparent, with Team USA and Team Canada dominating not only their respective groups, but also the round of 32 and quarterfinals. However, the European continent was represented Poland And this North Macedonia (one of the favorites to win) sent home last year’s champions (Egypt) and hosts Brazil.

In the first semi-final, Poland took on Canada in a tight game. The first match went to the Canadians, the second to Poland and the third match saw both teams switch roles 6-6: A truly incredible show that thrilled the audience both in person and online. The second half of the tournament wasn’t quite as exciting, and Canada made it to the finals, but the frenzy and energy that filled the Estádio do Pacaembu was worthy of a LEC semifinal.

competition between North Macedonia And America, unfortunately, is not so excited. The Americans won the first match 13-8 and the second 13-10, completely eliminating Europe from the campus clutch and reasserting North American dominance on the Valiant tournament scene, even on the collegiate front.

Red Bull Campus Clutch: Who won the University World Championship?

Before the finals G2 Gozen (World Champion Valiant Women’s Team) challenged Brazilian Furia content creators in a showmatch. Although it was played in a friendly, the match was a further demonstration of the level reached by women’s sports. game changers, As Cloud9’s Jordan “Jelsys” Montemuro told us, “This is set to make Valorant the first esport with true co-ed teams.

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The Red Bull Campus Clutch Finals has begun Absolute dominance of America About Canada. The first game ended 13-4 in favor of the Americans, a result that perfectly matched what, according to legend, is the curse of tactical shooters: epic semifinals but completely one-way finals. Defying the prophecy, Canada took care of it in Game 2, outscoring the Ice Box 13-6 to tie the game. The third game was so tight that it went into overtime with Team USA, despite a slow start, able to recover round after round to take the third draw 14-12. The fourth map was more chaotic than the fight with the Canadian fans, which got everyone in the audience excited. In a reversal of roles, the advantage was the American’s but Team Canada couldn’t recover what it should have conceded, even though Valorant was in the grip of expanding fans’ TikTok profiles for the next few months.

That’s how it is USA wins Red Bull Campus Clutch World Championship. Besides the so-called bragging rights, Team USA takes home 20 thousand euros and a VIP experience at the next Valiant Champions Tour.” – said Jeffery “Drakious” Tomaszek of Team USA. We weren’t the favorite team (certainly not the fan favorite) but we had fun, We are proud to have brought America to this point.”

Red Bull Campus Clutch: Who won the University World Cup?

After the confetti falls and the celebrations, it’s time to reflect on the true impact of this tournamentexport Valorant. Riot Games has introduced a new competitive ecosystem for its tactical shooter, and it’s one of the best designed in the industry right now. It is designed so that even a semi-professional team can first make their way to its national championship and then get a chance to play for the world championship in the region.

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It’s about storytelling.”From zero to hero” (which we can translate as rags to riches) which not only puts on a show but also creates beautiful stories to tell. His only problem is that he has no direct connection with the so-called roots of the sport, made up of all players who want to try the path of professionalism. Campus Clutch takes care of filling this void, which not only benefits its winners but also hides fundamental opportunities for its 400,000 participants.

The first role of the Red Bull University competition, as it really should be A showcase Very young players can show their skills with the knowledge they have Product team And a very solid incentive behind it. Their most heroic plays will be on that screen, and there’s no fertile ground for recruiting by a company than the campus clutch.

They were there after last year’s edition More than 25 Contracts signed between participating players and teams from their home countries; An important exception that reveals the full potential of this competition. Mohammed “Shalabi” Shalabi They signed with Vitality a few weeks after Egypt’s (last year’s winners) won the University Cup. Having a worthy path leading from the bedroom to Europe’s biggest stages is the biggest success a sports title can win, and with a foundation as solid as the event organized by Red Bull, Wallerand’s competition pyramid should be a rule. Very solid in the whole ecosystem.

– Ricardo Lichen from Sao Paulo, Brazil

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