Home science Space.. Relationship: the solid relationship, the second floor

Space.. Relationship: the solid relationship, the second floor

Space.. Relationship: the solid relationship, the second floor

29.01.2022 – 09.32 – Did you take a look at your relationship home after reading last week’s article? Does it seem to you that there are currently many levels that I have described? Or are some bricks missing, some aspects that can turn the hut into a solid fortress resistant to bad weather and the passing of time? After the suggestion of a Playing sports To build love maps now I will explain How to increase the second level of the house For the solid relationship you see represented below: ie sharing affection and admiration.
It is essential to be able to express affection, warmth, and closeness to allow the partner to feel welcome, and to feel that they can count on the other’s presence. Whoever stands next to us has one Better quality of life And the relationship if you feel admiration, appreciation, approval and attention that is transmitted through gestures and words, with expressions and looks that create a deep well-being for those who receive them. This aspect is also able to defuse one of the most terrible knights, contempt, which is the strongest indication of the future breakup of the spouses, is the attitude that undermines the house that you build with commitment and effort.

It is important to have a deep Respect between the two elements, respect that allows you to embrace the different values, ideas, ideas, and differentiation of the other. To improve this aspect, as a first step, Sr.For a week, pay attention to the tendency to criticism, when you point out the flaws of another with bad comments. Instead, focus on the positive, on the contributions each one makes, look out for all that the other has to offer, be thankful for that, be grateful for everything that happens, for every breath, for every wondrous look you can look at in others, for every glimpse of the sun that hugs your eyes. the The second step It is to thank your partner with a cheerful heart at least once a day for another week, and notice the effects of this exercise on you and him or her, if you can stretch a little more. For one day, then another, then extend this sweet habit to your children, parents, and co-workers as well. Get in the habit of looking for and emphasizing positive characteristics, aspects, and gestures in others, highlighting them, explaining why they are special and what they have to offer you.

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Those who receive this recognition begin to forgive themselvesTo stop condemning themselves for their shortcomings and mistakes, to see each other with different eyes thanks to your words. We give permission to others, acknowledging our limitations, to be able to make mistakes, not to be perfect, we spread acceptance, gratitude and admiration for those around us, and in this way the family atmosphere becomes pleasant, relaxed, respectful and fruitful of affection and consideration. this is strengthens the couple And each small gesture is colored with gentle feelings and nuances, brings partners closer, increases intimacy and company. What do you think of these exercises to be introduced into everyday life? Thinking of trying to get them into your routine? Even the smallest gesture with a positive intention helps to change the vision and the day he is lucky enough to receive.

you write Also your questions, reflections, thoughts, and your relationship experiences that will be dealt with anonymously via email to [email protected] o cross The WhatsApp the 3921805011 And I will answer you with joy, your life can be a springboard for growth and reflection for other readers as well.

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