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Does love have space and time? In the Rose Garden, the story “J&J” was shown, a carousel from which it is impossible to get out

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Does love have space? Once? On Tuesday July 5 at 9.30pm within the Summerland Fest, sponsored by the Santibriganti Teatro, the show “J&J” by Pappagalli will be staged at Trappola’s Rose Garden in Moncalieri. on the stage Elisa Gandolfi, Paolo Malgoglio and Andrea Cirillo Guided direction Ludovica April who writes: “There is something sadistic in two people who constantly meet, knowing that their needs will never be met.”

It is an eternal circle, a circle from which it is impossible to get out, the story of Jack and Jill. Circular between childish and serious. They are subject to a constant moment of testing. They test themselves, try and try again and wonder how they really feel. It is a story that never begins and does not end and it is not known how many times you have actually lived it. There is no home for them, every place has an expiration date and their bags are a sign of life’s instability without stopping, chasing each other to find time to settle down. Repair things. The search for a time that does not wait and closes it in a cycle of eternal delay. Bent to find water on top of a hill. There is a reality to deal with, like an eye spying on you from a locked door lock, looking at you from afar and forcing you to withdraw from your flow. It opens your eyes and lets you talk. This is all about and in front of Jack and Jill. They are two white slices, mirror and opposite, bearing the seed of love and the spoils. Does love have space? Is there a time and place where we love each other?

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Santibriganti Teatro Summerland Fest dates will run until September 2, In the Rose Garden and at Cascina delle Vallere in Moncalieri. Children’s shows, concerts and concerts will brighten up the Moncalierese summer. Evening events alternate with theater, music, traditional dances, comedy and magic shows. Summerland Festival is one of the highlights of the summer cultural programme Moncalieri Summer experience that takes place among the most qualified locations in the city such as the Rose Garden, Valere Park, Lemon foundries, churches, and the villages of Moncalares.

“Summer has begun and Moncalieresi will not only return to meet in Cascina Le Vallere and the Rose Garden to follow the theatrical performances contained in the great cultural program Moncalieri summer experience. I thank Santi Brigante who has already pleased us in 2021 with Cort Palestro’s summer review, backed by great success with the audience – Comments from Culture Adviser Laura Pompeo We hope you enjoy your appointments Summerland Festival It generates in the public, as it should, the joy and richness of enjoyment of beauty, art, and culture which human genius is capable of, bringing us closer to the dimension of society and the joy of working and growing together.”

Summerland Festival Moncalieri, Tuesday, July 5 9.30 p.m.: J&J. Jane Martin’s play; Interpreters Elisa Gandolfi, Paolo Malgoglio and Andrea Cirillo; directed by Ludovica April; Fashion and scenography Compagnia Pappagalli in Trabula. Ticket 8 euros full, 6 euros reduced Rose Garden – Piazza Baden Baden 4, Moncalieri (to me)

More information: Santibriganti Teatro [email protected]

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