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Canada selects F-35A, 88 aircraft

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The film has reached the final stage regarding the selection of a new fighter aircraft by the Canadian government.

Eventually, as expected, Canada chose Lockheed Martin’s F-35A JSF solution, which already includes several Canadian businesses.

The Royal Canadian Air Force needs a maximum of 88 aircraft; Trudeau-led government Lockheed Martin and Adm. Negotiate with Biden, the deal will be worth about US $ 15 billion.

The F-35As would therefore have defeated the JAS 39 Gripen provided by SAP; After all, Canada is already in the F-35 JSF project in the industry with significant technical and economic consequences. In the event that Canada fails to conclude a contract with Lockheed Martin, Chap is on track for a settlement.

Despite the participation of the entire Canadian industry, the failure to choose the F-35A was blamed by the previous Trudeau government for economic reasons and was used as a “political weapon” to defeat the overpriced and conservative government. It decided to enter the F-35 JSF program. Therefore, the tender for the new war-bomb aircraft provided by Dassault with Rafael, BAE Systems with Eurofighter, Boeing with F / A-18E / F Super Hornet, Lockheed Martin with F-35A and Saab with Griffon was reopened. .

Raphael and Eurofighter left the scene in the first half of the test, while Super Hornet, Lightning II and Griffin were in conflict.

The second stage selection is dangerous for Boeing’s Super Hornet, with the F – 35A and Swedish fighter competing for the prestigious Canadian Order Award.

Now the situation has definitely changed. The economic reasons that slowed the purchase of the F-35A also seem to have been completely thwarted by the severe crisis between Ukraine and Russia and the serious crisis with the Ottawa government. The countries of the Atlantic Alliance are raising defense spending to 2% of GDP.

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The F-35As are expected to enter service from 2025, and the Government of Canada manages to sign a contract with Lockheed Martin within the current year, after announcing the winner of the tender.

In fact, with a delay of several years, the RCAF could get the war-bombers already identified for some time as the best solution to replace the Boeing CF-18A / B MLU in service since the 1980s. A limited number of F / A-18 A / B, formerly members of the Royal Australian Air Force, were replaced by the F-35A.

According to Lockheed Martin, this is the eleventh major success in winning the Lightning II order in Finland, Switzerland and Germany, along with the most recent successes in Europe.

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