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Opening of the Museum of the Future in Dubai, a center for science and research

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The symbol of the Arab renaissance in the fields of science, mathematics and research, The Museum of the Future in Dubai promises to become a fascinating hub for the brightest minds on the planet. Not only a place to visit, but also an experimental laboratory, a pillar dedicated to innovation and technology, ready to welcome any company in the IT sector that wants to be a part of future developments in science. To reinforce the idea of ​​such a visual perspective, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s quote printed at the entrance to the building helps:

The future belongs to those who can imagine, design and achieve it. It’s not something expected, but something created.

Records Museum

It is 77 meters high and clad in 1024 panels separated by stainless steel and glass oval building What characterizes the Museum of the Future in Dubai has already been included by National Geographic Among the 14 most beautiful museums in the world for its architectural originality. The geometry that bears the most important message written in the model: the void in the center of the hole, in fact, symbolizes the unknown, as an invitation “to fill the void left by everything we do not yet know”.

The result of the work of the team of architects at Shaun Killa, the stunning building contrasts with the verticality of the city’s many skyscrapers, matching the green expanse of the hill. To frame, rich garden hosts More than a hundred species of native trees and plantsa symbol of the natural heritage and biodiversity of the region.

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What do you see inside the Museum of the Future in Dubai

At the entrance to the imposing seven-story building, a cabin-shaped elevator will take visitors directly to the first of three enlarged public zones: the space zone.

Journey to the future It’s a journey that throws the viewer straight into orbit, to get a closer understanding of how outer space It is connected to the Earth and so science is intent on investigating it to find useful solutions to improve life on the planet. Then a tour dedicated to Climate changeto discover the richness of biodiversity and solutions to rebuild a healthier, future-oriented world.

Tomorrow today It is the wing of the museum dedicated to new technologies and its impact on tomorrow in the areas of health, food, mobility and culture. Finally, the future heroesAnd the a A fully customized children’s suite, which by playing and cooperating with others will make futuristic experiences. Exhibition areas alternate with immersive collections making these spaces places of inspiration and knowledge.

After all, it is clear why UNESCO designated December 2, the date on which the founding of the United Arab Emirates is celebrated, as World Future Day.

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