April 24, 2024

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I’m an Organizational Expert: How to Make the Most of Space If You Have a Mini Fridge

I’m an Organizational Expert: How to Make the Most of Space If You Have a Mini Fridge


Making a small space can be difficult and sharing that space even more difficult.

When it comes to organizing your freezer, Shavonne expert at TikTok gives you three tips for replenishing and repacking for a cleaner look.


Step one: remove the packaging

Oftentimes, the large boxes and bags that food arrives in are twice the size of their actual contents.

To reduce clutter, remove all foods from the original containers.

Step Two: Repacking

Later, in the video, Chavon explains that for better stacking and organization, all foods should be stored in plastic bags.

The bags are easy to assemble and perfectly adapt to the size of the item.

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This should be done with freezer bags.

Step Three: Name and Date

Finally, each bag should be labeled with the type of food inside and the expiration date.

It’s important to remember to label everything with the correct information now that the original packaging is gone.

When it’s time to put the items inside, it’s up to you.

In the video, Chavon finishes the freezer by placing all of the meat on the bottom rack.

For more organization, you can separate the freezer by type of food.

The space that used to be like a black hole can now be easily navigated.

With bags with labels and a lack of big boxes, you no longer have to search everywhere to find what you need.

The ultimate freezer is organized and clean