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Space, because Italy should (and can) discuss on an equal footing with France during the ESA Ministerial Meeting

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by Stefano Lacoforbio

On November 22 and 23 a Paris The meeting is held every three years Ministers delegates to space From the member states ofhexthe so-called ministerial, preceded on the eighteenth by a restricted meeting between major contributors to the budget of the European Space Agency. General Director Joseph Ashbacherhas been introduced long ago a Three-year program which provides for a significant increase in the funds required for countries prepared before the outbreak of war in Ukraineindicating that there will be a lot of discussion about the actual amount that each country will agree to get involved – get involved. One of the most important issues, especially for Italy, is an old problem of launcherswhich has always been a French hunting ground under an objective regime monopoly For historical reasons related to the “excessive force” policy the wanted General de Gaullewhich devoted complete independence to France In the military sector, and therefore also in its ability to implement and manage ballistic missiles With nuclear warheads in the context of confronting Western and Eastern blocs.

In this context, France acquired Leadership To realize the bearers of the family I see that After the failure of the first European attempt, with the establishment of 1962 ADEldo (European Organization for the Development of Launchers), to implement a vector Combine parts from other countries as well. The problem was solved by merging Eldo and Esro (European Space Research Organization) in 1973 into a single entity hexThe situation was improving rapidly, a fact that must be duly acknowledged Technological capabilities across the Alps.

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Italy was partly able to take advantage of the situation by possessing similar skills which later proved to be greater in some cases, by conceiving and perceiving vega and his family, as well as providing reinforcements to large transport companies I see that. However, aspects are less happy than it is time for fetch And it is correct in the legitimate interest of our country, provided that until now before full accreditation Vega from the French company Arianespace which enjoys commercial exclusivity. Moreover, while the Vega C is now happily running and its older brother the Vega E is evolving, and vice versa, the European carrier Ariane 6 today carries a delay of more than two years in this, slowing down access toEurope to space.

Added to this, a classic example is well known in other fields in Europewhich – which ArianeGroupFranco-German joint venture, owner ArianespaceAlready launched the program for a year Mayasmall jug in line reusable vectorsrejecting the Italian request to participate in development: This despite the official request in this regard by Government the Dragon, which for a year proved itself incapable of facing the unfavorable options for Italy. All this despite the chant of joy that was played inQuirinale Agreement between Italy and France which emphasized, in words, the commitment of the parties to close and faithful cooperation harmony Also in the space sector. These days we look at continuous examples in various sectorsEnergy above all, from countries ready to defend their country Interests Without actually framing it in a pan-European perspective, as it really should be.

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France’s hard stance on the issue of liberation Avio Of the French caudine forks have similar antecedents embarrassed. Everyone in the industry remembers the beginnings of life vega With the first flight on February 13, 2012. In that period, the carrier once made an exception Navigation Center And controlling the problem of transmission of the virus to Italy software Necessary to control the missile, which was initially the responsibility of the French working groups. The Italian managers They have received a clear denial Justified by “national security issues”, understandable why Algorithms Similar was installed on French aircraft carriers deterrence. The technical problem remained because Italy was obligated to get one black box Unmanageable and under control across the Alps which, in fact, gave the possibility to Italian developments Which makes us totally brave. Then, with great determination and confidence in our abilities, it was decided to create software Already tested on the third flight: the result was A big success And even the trajectories proved to be more responsive to theoretical trajectories than Previous.

With this in mind and with this determination That the minister is expected Urso He can go and discuss on an equal footing with his parents congeners Protecting our legitimate industrial interests given that we are the third shareholder of the European Space Agency, a topic that is often overlooked even in Paris. His past and experience at Mizzi and Cobasir are promising. It is also expected that some distortions and errors inherited from the management of his former colleague will be remedied because in order to be respected it is necessary to have strong international credibility by presenting himself with a high-level technical team, with serious approaches and able to deal with our competitors on an equal footing under bewilderment, And not a little, which lingers about some of the appointments made earlier.

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