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South Americans drop poker, blues eliminated – OA Sport

South Americans drop poker, blues eliminated – OA Sport

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Live broadcasts from Italy and Spain from women’s hockey fields from 5.00 pm

Thank you Lily us! Stay in touch with us so you don’t stay up to date with all of this weekend’s action, as always with the races. Good afternoon!

3:47 Italy will now face France in the final for third place. The meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 13.

3:41 A match was decided between the end of the first half and the beginning of the second half. The opponents started a very physical match, they found Italy aggressive and aggressive. Romero managed to neutralize our boys’ enthusiasm, with a shot from distance at first and then a penalty kick. Then the South Americans activated their killer instinct in the early stages of the second half by contracting the trio with Ordonez, then running the race in the best possible way. Nicolia’s free throw, arriving two minutes after Coco’s flag goal, put ice on the cake of a challenge that was brilliantly done by the homeowners.

Curtains Falls in Aldo Cantonese. Argentina beat Italy 4-1 to advance to the final

00:34 Nicolia drops a poker game with a missile. Argentina Italy 4-1

00:36 Free throw from Nicolia

00:36 No! Fallaccio – Giulio Coco on Romero, blue removed. In the meantime, the cantons are already celebrating. Mad blue, nerves explode.

1:00 Argentina’s possession of the ball, Aldo Cantone is a show, they are all standing in the scarf

1:35 Verona is trying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! But Argentina is doing well. Italy foul prevent restarting.

2:18 Let’s see if that flash lights up blue! Come on guys, let’s look for the miracle

2:47 SQUILLO ITALIA WITH GIULIO COCCO To benefit from the help of beyond the goal. not finished yet!

4:18 A standing ovation for Aldo Cantone for a team with character that deserves the three-goal advantage. South Americans never let go or downplay its intensity, which activated our killer instinct in time (unfortunately for us). A timeout meanwhile, then lasts four minutes.

5:48 Argentina are still aggressive and dominant, much worse than the Blues who practically went out in the second half.

6:33 Three chances for Italy With protagonist Ambrosio, Acevedo always takes it all.

7:24 Ambrosio tries to steer from afar. The Argentine Super Cup rejects the goalkeeper

Argentine error on Compagno 7:45, time is up now

9:80 Meena tries all of them to go to the net, so now Gnata be careful.

10:09 Gnata memorizes the score literally, especially in Mona’s attempts

10:53 “Champagne hockey” from Argentina who maneuvers smoothly and drinks the blues

11:40 Argentina answered and Gnata was surpassed for the 1,000th time

12:20 Coco’s counterattack, unsuccessful. Today is a damn door.

13:16 Argentina’s backguard still perfect, always coming first and getting all the empty balls back

14:49 Argentina bean

15:09 The blue CT scanner understands the moment and calls out the time. Let’s see if his boys got out of the renovated blocks as happened with Angola…

15:44 Blue ring with Malagoli! Avecedo refuses without problems.

16:07 At the same time, the number of errors is 4-3

16:58 Italy paused in this recovery, little thoughts and passion for the game for the South Americans asserting their superiority

17:46, through the attack, the Blues revealed themselves because it is clear that in the Argentine counter-attack, it will be a catalyst in the last 17 minutes.

18:41 Gnata saves his people again, but this time with a counterattack by Meena.

20:00 Argentina, very attentive in defence, start again very quickly, and every time you do it it becomes very dangerous

21:35 Gnata saves the Blues from 4-0,

22:00 Azzurri who appears to have taken the hit.

22:35 Ordonez signs the trio. Argentina target. Argentinian screwed up with fake gnata nothing can. Argentina 3 Italy 0

24:00 Possession of the Azure in these first bars

The second half begins, the Azores in the chase for the next end. duty!

3:01 The teams are back on the field. The second half will start in a few moments.

2:59 For the most part of Part One, the South Americans patiently attacked, slowed down and increased speed, and defended themselves by hook. Our kids have to find a stroke of genius to blow up the bank.

2:58 It’s not going to be easy to catch up with that atmosphere. But already against France and Angola the Azores have shown that they have the right character to put their opponents in trouble.

The first half ends. After twenty-five minutes of incredible fitness, Argentina scored two goals in the last four minutes thanks to the superb Romero. Italy has held up very well, responding in an aggressive manner to the South American male game. See you soon with the second half-

0: 6 Romero is not mistaken. Argentina’s weakness. Cantonese has gone crazy.

0:7 Attention. Argentina penalty. Alvarez Vera landed

0:35 Gavioli in the middle of the area is a perfect and dense Argentine defense.

1:11 Nicolia on the floor. Another stop to break the first infinite.

1:32 Romero again!!! This time the Argentine takes the pole!

2:14 Cantonese is a real hoax after Romero’s feature, which came at a delicate moment.

: 07 Now the blues don’t have to fall apart

3:51 Goal! Argentina opens score. Romero scores with a fixed missile.

4:44 Now is the time when there are less than four minutes left.


5:00 Nooooooooooo! Do it on Romero for Giulio Cocco who got the blue card. It will be a free throw for Argentina

5:50 Cocooooo, perfect shot! Today’s Avecedo takes them all

6:00 Romero is very dangerous! The ball is out.

6:36 More chances on both sides! But now there is a stunned Romero Lopez in the middle of the field. High tension and really frayed nerves. Italy with the right attitude.

7:26 The Argentine throttled with pressure, then Romero tried to speed up. Nothing is done.

8:42 The Alvarez tries, the Blues refuse,

9:20 Italy Foul, now it’s time for the Azzurri

9:31 GNATAAAAAAAAA Still ready! Crazy rhythms and excessive physical gameplay. Competitiveness of the stars

9:57 First Malagoli, then Ambrosio! Arrival in Italy!

10:46 Avesido isn’t a goalkeeper, he’s Superman! Double save on two blue race cars at close range. He also has to stop for a moment

11:50 Do it Italy! A very physical match, the two teams are not sending themselves to say

11:53 Verona with a safe bota! Avecedo is still the protagonist! What a game for goalkeepers at the moment

12:29 Part of a very confused match, the match was shaken by an injury ring that broke the rhythm

12:55 Ebenezar blue card

13:53 GNATAAAAA didn’t get distracted by the Argentine attack attempts

14:55 A blue card for Romero Lopez to protest

14:59 The match was stopped after a very serious injury to the Argentine player Pascual on a stretcher. Let’s start again

14:59 Attention! The stories spanned the track after contact on the pitch. Argentinian footballer.

5:33 Occasionissima Italy, Acevedo says no twice! Italy arrembante and on the right track with the right character

16:09 Alvarez tries Vera! Gnata swerves.

17:19 Argentina are taking some time and patiently maneuvering, waiting for the right flash.

18:04 Italy plays well, beautiful triangles and right shots between Coco and Gavioli! Very well

18:49 GNATAAAA! Our goalkeeper’s first achievement

19:57 Italy are very close to the goal in close action! Nothing has been done

20:23 bean argentina

20:55 Verona attempt, Argentina suffocate in the defense. The Great Rigidity of South America

21:50 Foul Italy, Romero is still dangerous right after that

21:59 Romero tried again from afar, and did nothing

22:16 Coco tries to break through, on the right then hits the guardrail. Azzurro was forced to leave the stadium temporarily, and Verona entered

22:39 The first Argentine ring with Romero

23:18 Gavioli tries, he does nothing. The correct stance on the part of the Azure

23:46 bean argentina

24:20 The first check is blue, the study phase

25:00 The hosts excite the audience

we are here! The start of the first half. It’s time for the truth! Azure Power

1:58 Now the Argentina anthem. Feelings in Aldo Cantoni.

1:57 The Mameli anthem is charging our children. Today alone against everyone. Power!

1:56 The teams are about to take to the field for the national anthems. It rises in decibels to cantonese. Argentine players with their children. Great Photo.

1:55 What a view of the Aldo Cantonese stadium, full of place arrangement with great enthusiasm. The Argentine people responded by being present at these world skating games, not only in hockey but in all other disciplines.

1:53 Argentina respond with Acevedo Rodriguez, Alvarez Vera, Ordonez Villavicencio, Platero and Romero Lopez

1:50 The decks just arrived: In the first five matches it will be Italy with Ghanata (Doorman and captain), Ebenazar, Gavioli, Ambrosio and Coco.

1:45 We remember that the winner of this match will face Spain in the Grand Final, who dominated France in the semi-finals with a score of 4-0.

1:40 Argentina broke the semi-final pass by easily beating Chile 6-2; On the other hand, the Azores return from their victory over Angola.

1:36 The Aldo Cantone Arena is going to be a real joke, but the Blues have already shown an extraordinary personality in this world championship.

1:33 Good night, OA SPORT friends! Just under half an hour to go to the start of the semi-final between Argentina and Italy

Good evening OA Sport friends and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Argentina and Italy, a valid challenge to the semi-finals of the 2022 Roller Hockey World Championships that took place this week at the Aldo Cantoni Arena in San Juan (Argentina), within the World Figure Skating Games.

It will be a very difficult match for the Azzurriwho will have to deal with the sixth man on the field, or the very warm home crowd who has accompanied the exploits of their champions in all the races organized up to this point.

CT Bartolucci’s men will try for the third time in a row Throw the heart over the barrierHe also appeared brilliantly on the occasion of the draw against France and the impressive quarter-final victory against Angola. Who is afraid of our opponents? no doubt Thomas Ezequiel MinaCurrently with 5 goals with Julio Coco. Also dangerous is Lucas Facundo OrdoƱez Villavicencio and I’m talking Federico Vera Alvarez. But our boys will be ready.

OA Sport brings you live broadcasts from Argentina and Italy, Semi-finals of the 2022 World Roller Hockey Championships in San Juan (Argentina). Blow by stroke, minute by minute, so you don’t really miss a thing. It starts at 2:00 Italian time. Good fun!

Photo: Marzia Katini (USSR)


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