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Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes premieres the weekend of May 9-12

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Last weekend we talked about the event I will be with you It allowed the damage to be reduced compared to last year. Despite the risk of repetition, in this case too it was an event that made the weekend more palatable.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that we have reached 2023 levels, suffice it to say that both Saturday (down 27% compared to 2023) and Sunday (up to -40%) Just Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes It grossed over €200,000 (quite a bit for the holidays, but clearly the good weather prompted audiences to choose options other than the cinema). In fact, this weekend saw a total collection of 4,165,679 euros, while instead on the weekend from 11 to 14 May 2023, we amounted to 5,169,802 euros (therefore, a decrease of 19.4%), thanks to the second weekend of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3which was still worth 2,453,543 euros.

Needless to say, things were definitely better pre-pandemic. The weekend of May 9-12, 2019 actually reached €7,075,449, thanks to a very strong showing by Pokemon detective pikachu From 2,415,494 euros, but without completely neglecting the contribution of the third weekend Avengers: EndgameWhich amounted to 1,361,847 euros. Certainly less strong (but still higher than similar data) on the weekend of 10-13 May 2018, with a collection of 4,970,576 euros, thanks to two million-plus titles, Avengers: Infinity War From €1,165,828 and its debut 2 of them From 1,101,110 euros.

All of this leads up to reporting an important and not-so-flattering trend at the box office. Even if very slowly, the distance between the 2024 and 2023 collections is narrowing, so much so that at the moment we have a total collection of €178,843,958 this year compared to €165,730,880 last year. The impression is that 2023 can be passed in June, which is only possibleExpandIn the following months, taking into account the very rich summer offer made a year ago.

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And we come to first place in the ranking, ie Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which got a significant score, but honestly (even taking into account the good debut abroad) we could have hoped for something better. The film has just crossed the million mark (to be precise, 1,118,598 euros) and looking only at the data of the premiere on Wednesday, while over the four days it received 961,934 euros and an average of 2,141 euros in 441 cinemas.

It’s definitely worth making a comparison with previous episodes. War – Planet of the Apes It was released on July 13, 2017, and earned €1,176,672 over the four-day weekend, for a final total of €3,713,555. Ape Revolution: Planet of the Apes Instead it arrived on July 30, 2014, with a total of €1,970,457 in its first long weekend (Wednesday and Sunday). At the end of his career, he reached 4,863,569 euros. In short, it’s clear that Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes It will not be able to provide exceptional revenues, and reaching three million in total will not be easy.

And let’s get to this weekend’s event Secret Liberato, which after starting strong on its debut on May 9, nevertheless continued at good levels, reaching €661,479 over the weekend and an average of €2,297 (best of the top 10) in 288 cinemas, with a total (including… Including previews (on Wednesday) worth 685,106 euros. Understandably, it’s not easy to find products of this type either I will be with you Which Secret Liberato They have proven that some events do not necessarily have to be limited to the usual exploits from Monday to Wednesday and that we can work on them in detail.

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Third place for another new release, considering that the expectations are horror Evil prophecy It wasn’t huge, and there’s no need to complain about the result, €430,787 and a 1,696 average in 254 cinemas. He now aims to obtain a total of 4 million (reaching 3,623,761 euros) UnitedThis is thanks to an additional collection of €346,061 (-56%) and an average of 930.

Even more alarming (given its arrival in its second weekend) is the decline (-58%). Scapegoat Which clearly did not capture the attention of the Italian public, as it won another 281,419 euros and an average of 813, for a total so far of 1,629,440 euros.

Since there were no other family surnames, one could have hoped for a better decline of Garfield – A Delicious QuestWhich lost 58% while raising another 265,750 euros for a total of 1,616,429 euros.

However, it should be noted that the event may aim to enter the top ten Italian box office grossers of 2024. I will be with you, which has now reached €1,280,337, with last weekend at €250,082 (-68%). The movie to beat is Romeo and Juliet In the amount of 1,455,741 euros.

A similar decrease (-65%) but not surprising trustwhich has already given signals to this effect, which now receives another 100,821 euros (average 389) and brings its total to 1,570,161 euros.

Two more new releases round out the top ten. Taste of thingsWhich removed the position of the official French Oscar nominee from the ad Anatomy of a fallIt earned €144,940 and an average of 947 in 153 cinemas. Maternal instinct Instead it is tenth with 101,175 euros and an average of 406 in 249 cinemas. Of course, it’s impressive that €100,000 is now enough to enter the top ten on the weekend.

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We conclude with sums of some titles, such as: Mischief at homeWhich amounted to 1,147,456 euros; Civil warWhich amounts to 1,768,219 euros; A separate world (6,964,092 euros); Anselm (341,080 euros); Back to black (2,191,818 euros), Six brothers (259,870 euros); And Ghostbusters – The Icy Menace (2,767,586 euros).

1- Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes – 961,934 euros (122,561 spectators) – 441 cinemas / 2,181 media – total. 1,118,598*5DD

2- Secret Liberato – €661,479 (74,594 spectators) – 288/2,297 – overall. 685.106*4 dd

3 – Prophecy of Evil – €430,787 (53,692 spectators) – 254/1,696 – overall. 430,787*4DD

4- United – €346,061 (45,096 spectators) – 372/930 – overall. 3,623,761

5 – The Fall Guy – €281,419 (37,047 spectators) – 346/813 – overall. 1,629,440

6 – Garfield – A Delicious Mission – €265,750 (39,179 spectators) – 472/563 – overall. 1,616,429

7- I’ll Be With You – €250,062 (20,841 spectators) – 155/1,613 – overall. 1,280,337

8- The Taste of Things – €144,940 (22,006 spectators) – 153/947 – overall. 144.940*4DD

9 – Mother’s Instinct – €101,175 (14,698 spectators) – 249/406 – overall. 103.963*4 dd

10- Confidenza – €100,821 (14,612 spectators) – 259/389 – overall. 1,570,161

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