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Smasung, a new smart TV: the devastating opponent –

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Over the past few years, thanks to the success of streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, we’ve seen a real boom in smart TVs, with price ranges able to cater to every customer.

Today, in particular, we bring you an interesting presentation related to one of the latest Smart TVs just released. It is in this case Samsung Crystalin cut 43 inchin the 2022 version. It’s more accurate Model UE43BU8570UXZT.

The TV is equipped with the latest generation technology, which is Dynamic Crystal Color, which allows to restore vivid colors, as well as crystal images, with a billion possible shades that guarantee absolute visual realism. Moreover, the Smart TV in question has a really simple and elegant thickness, which matches well with the most refined home environments, adding another touch of elegance.

thanks for the Motion XceleratorThen it will be possible to get the best possible gaming experience, with maximum fluidity, to the delight of all gamers who connect PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X or S.

You won’t even have delay problems in this case, thanksAuto Low Latency Mode (present by default for each video source) which allows you to optimize the screen in low latency, in order to have greater motion control, especially for the most noisy video games, and the sound fidelity is fully guaranteed by a dynamic sound system, with 3D surround sound Which provides a truly immersive and engaging experience.

Other technical features

Also important news for the remote control, Solar cellsWho cares about the environment: So forget about alkaline batteries, since the solar energy coming from your apartment windows will be enough to adequately recharge the remote control. The remote control features, among other things, a microphone with which it can interact with the voice assistant to run some applications on the Smart TV.

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Then the new crystal mounts from Samsung 2.0 New Digital Terrestrial Standard DVB-T2Thanks to that you no longer need a separate TV decoder. The presence of the Smart Hub is also excellent, as every day it will constantly offer new content coming directly from the main streaming services, based on the personal preferences of the user.

Samsung TV 2 Amazon

For those interested in buying the 43-inch Samsung Crystal in 2022 edition, the TV can be purchased from Amazon at an incredible price €523.45, at 25% off the original list price and a net saving of €200. The TV can be accessed comfortably in this Tabuk.

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