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Wally is the Canadian sniper in Ukraine and why he is the worst in the world

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Rome, 11 March 2022 – Everyone knows how he is Wally. Real name Canadian French sniper Came in Ukraine Remains a mystery. He was one of the few foreign militants to accept the appeal initiated by Zhelensky. A few days ago CNN even talked about him. He told the American newspaper that he had received a request for help from his Ukrainian contacts: “A friend called me and said: We really need you.” Deciding to leave from there, he finds out on the spot who is providing the weapons to do his job. This is, frankly, murder. In his field he is considered the “worst man in the world”. At least as far as the West is concerned. The reason for that is his number is staggering: a sniper can kill 5-6 enemies a day. A villain removes 7 to 10. Legend has it that the volley could be reduced to 40 in 24 hours. War is this too.

Ukraine-Russia, March 12 News

Former member of the 22nd Canadian Royal Regiment, he served Iraq And Afghanistan Since 2010. Precisely in Kabul and its environs its history has become world domination, and its name has entered the ‘myth’ of military circles. It was the Afghans who first called him “Wali”.

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Now as a volunteer soldier he crossed the sea to support the Ukrainians in repelling the Russian invasion. It is estimated that there will be another 20,000 foreign fighters with him, along with Zhelensky. Wally, 40, has left his wife and one-year-old son in Canada. He quit his job as a computer programmer to join the Ukrainian service. On February 27, three days after Putin’s troop attack, he opened an online diary in which he described his war experience. He begins by appealing to aspiring volunteers around the world: “Be passively aggressive. Run! We have no time to waste.” He also gives some advice with advice: Fly to Krakow, cross the border from the Polish side and then contact him. Wally crossed that border on March 1 and was greeted like a hero by the locals. From there, his daily updates reflect how the conflict progresses. From the lesser known front, though, of the commoners. The sniper tells how the Ukrainians are protecting themselves from invasion. About a farmer who was waiting for the Russian soldiers to retire to cover the tanks. Or the condominium, which had trapped the Moscow soldiers in their building, suddenly cut off the electricity. Particles of resistance attached to the wall. He makes Molotov cocktails and prepares for war. “Until a week ago I was a programmer and now I have anti-tank missiles in my hand, ready to kill real people, which is now my reality,” he said a few days ago. As soon as he crossed the border and moved from his hometown to the suburbs, he was touched by poverty, hunger on the brink of war, and sometimes turned into its treacherous protagonist: “This is a catastrophe.”.

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