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Sean Connery’s niece is engaged to Gregory Peck’s nephew

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A love worthy of a movie was born in Hollywood. Niece Sean Connery Gregory Peck’s nephew fell in love They live a story that unites two of Hollywood’s best dynasties. Natasha Gigi ConneryShe is the granddaughter of the actor’s widow, and Harper Peak, a clone of his grandfather, Like daily Mail spent the new years together in Eco resort in Mexico With more than 30,000 acres of nature reserve and activities like snorkeling, horseback riding on the beach or zebra and other wildlife safaris. The couple also enjoys Cecilia Beck’s blessing, the daughter of a well-known actor roman holidays, who wrote on Instagram, commenting on the first photo of the boys together (published by Harper): “The most beautiful trip in the world.”

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Like his mother and grandfather, Harper, 23 years old Intends to continue the family legacy ah He dedicates his life to acting. The similarity with Gregory is undeniable, and it remains to be seen whether he inherited the talent from his grandfather. Natasha is also in her twenties and has actress aspirationsshe is a granddaughter Micheline Rockbrunner, Connery’s second wife. But she was so attached to her grandfather-in-law, that she was so attached to her grandfather-in-law, that when In 2020 he died He dedicated a touching social message to him: “I have no words to describe the love in my heart for you. You will always be Chun ChunShe grew up in the Bahamas with her sister Saskia e SamaraThe young woman lives between the Caribbean islands, Paris and New York, where she most likely met Harper.

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The couple posted their first picture together in early DecemberOn one of Natasha’s recent visits to New York. But the shot, disguised in a set of photos in which other friends of the couple also appeared, did not catch the eye of gossip. But this time, the picture about a worthy love of a romantic comedy is spreading all over the world.

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