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The world is behind you, what is the meaning of the deer in the new Netflix movie? This mystery has also been revealed

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If you are also one of those who are after seeing… The world is behind youthe New Netflix movie With a crew composed of, among others Julia Roberts And Ethan HawkeHe was confused about the true meaning of Deer sceneYou have come to the right place. the Director Sam Ismail In fact, this particular aspect is also evident.

Warning: Contains spoilers for “The World Behind You.”

In this harrowing film based on the novel leave the world behind you By Roman Allam, we follow the story of a family who finds themselves witnessing the end of the world “from afar” while on vacation. Also with them are the Scots, the owners of the house they rent in a nearby seaside town New York City. Gradually, strange and bizarre things happen that convince the group that something is up Cyber ​​attack in the United StatesPerhaps even a coup aimed at provoking civil war.

Among the oddities is also the behavior of nature surrounding the house. Time and time again, family members see deer in the backyard: first just a couple, then hundreds. The climax of this narrative line is reached when Amanda and Ruth are trapped In wood. The animals don’t seem aggressive, they just approach them, even the two women They started screaming to scare them. But what does all this mean? We have the answer from the director, as well as from the creator of another highly satirical work like Mr. Robot. During an interview with Todom NetflixIn fact, Ismail has explained the meaning of those scenes, which is clearly very symbolic. He said:

Deer are peaceful creatures. Turn that beautiful photo into something Annoying, threatening, almost a warningI thought it was really interesting. That’s the trick of this movie. We have always tried to take… Things we never considered a threat and then turned around.

It’s not the only reference to nature present in the film: Even flamingos They act strangely, which reinforces the feeling that something very wrong is going on in the world. A possible explanation can be linked to a topic Climate change And the dangers to nature due to human actions: so a deer warning could be a kind of suggestion about what to do to stop the apocalypse, i.e. to return to existence. A more intimate relationship with the natural environment. It is unfortunate that the two heroes’ reaction was unnecessarily aggressive.

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Moreover, in Roman Alam, the characters discover that… The next generation of this deer herd was born with white fur Their movements and migration paths seem to symbolize the way the world is rapidly changing around humanity, in a way they cannot control or change. Here too, the symbolism is lost. beauty The world is behind youAs also specified by the author of the book, it does not provide all the answers however It is left up to the viewer to interpret certain events.

What do you think, what meaning did you give to the deer scene? Let us know what you think, as always, in the comments.

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