June 10, 2023

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Yield to Hosts in their introduction to the Blues – OA Sport

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23.56 This concludes our live broadcast, which is a good continuation of the evening at OA Sport, thanks for following us up to this point.

23.54 Italy’s adventure in the women’s curling game at the 2022 World Cup begins with defeat. The blue teams are flexible to Canada’s hosts, always in control from the first end. With the challenges in Japan (17.00) and the United States (22.00) now Stefania Konstadini and her comrades will return to the snow tomorrow.

23.53 Italy has a point and decides to close it here, Italy-Canada 2-9.

Italy’s last stone at the sixth point with three Canadian stones at 23.52.

23.49 Kerry Inerson was dismissed, making no mistake so far, three Canadian stones at the point where Italy missed two shots and Canada one shot in the sixth over.

23.47 Another rejection of Sweeting, he seeks double the amount, but leaves a yellow stone (Italy) at home.

Full sweating pass at 11.45pm (88% so far).

23.43 Romy’s shot is short, a Canadian stone in the middle of the sixth corner.

23.40 Mailer’s error in rejecting the Italian guard (90% accuracy so far).

23.38 The sixth end begins.

23.36 These are the other results: Sweden-Turkey 7-2, Czech Republic-US 2-5, South Korea-Norway 3-3.

23.33 Constantine’s entry attempt remains short, with Canadians stealing third hand, Italy-Canada 1-9.

23.31 Italy have two Canadian gems on the point, a difficult situation before the final pitch of the fifth.

23.28 Inerson is going to lay another stone in the house, now Stefania Constantini.

23.26 This time Sweeting’s draw is perfect, the Canadian stone with two shots remaining at the fifth end.

23.23 The mistake of sweating has come, the percentage of Canadians begins to decline, which was hitherto practically flawless.

23.21 Romy goes to place a stone in the center of the house.

23.19 Positioned by Central Guard Maylore.

23.16 The fifth end begins, Italy not on hand.

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23.13 Inorson’s place was Canada’s second point with his first – hand Italy-Canada 1-7.

Canada’s last pitch with 23.12 points.

Guard at 23.09 and twice rejecting the sweating attempt to remove one of the yellow stones (Italy).

23.07 Guarded by Low Deserto with five shots remaining, at the end of which the Canadians will take advantage of the last stone.

23.05 Two Italian stones in the middle of the fourth node.

23.03 Romy goes to place a stone inside the house.

23.00 The fourth end begins where the Canadians are on hand.

22.57 Stefania Constantini released, the first point of the match came to Italy, it shrinks. Italy-Canada 1-5.

22.55 Inerson sets another stone, requiring Constadine’s spell to go and mark the first point of the game.

22.54 Constadini’s shot is short, the last two stones of the hand.

22.51 Lo Deserto discarded, two Canadian stones at the point, two shots each remaining at the third end.

22.48 Placing sweating in the center of the house, Canadians are actually doing everything that the local public has been pushing for in these early stages.

22.46 Romy goes to remove the house guard and a red stone.

22.44 Three Canadian stones at the point closed by the guard in the middle of the third point.

22.41 Mellore goes to place Central Guard.

22.39 The third end begins, blue should try to react after a start.

22.36 Konstantini failed and looked confused in the face, the Canadians were second on three points followed by a stolen hand, Italy-Canada 0-5.

22.35 Last shot for Italy at the second end with three Canadian stones after Inerson’s last place.

22.34 Constantini’s fault for not finding the rejection is that the percentage of Venetians here is low.

22.32 Inerson is going to place a stone in the center of the house, so there are two red stones with three shots remaining at the second end, where the advantage of the last stone will be to Italy.

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22.30 Defeat in Low Deserto, three Canadian stones at home with five remaining pitches.

22.28 Bocciata di Romei, a yellow stone in the middle of the second terminal (Italy).

22.25 Japan’s shot is short and does not have a good start to the blue.

22.23 The second end begins.

22.21 Konstantini fails to change the situation, immediately one hand stolen by Canada and goes 2-0 at the end of the first.

22.19 Einarson touches the stone previously placed by Constantini, now the last shot of the first tip for the blue is at the point of two Canadian gems.

22.16 Inerson goes to place a stone in the center of the house.

22.14 Lo Deserto’s error, three Canadian stones in the house with five shots remaining, keep in mind that Italy will take advantage of the last stone in this first end.

The new guard is placed by sweating with two red stones (Canada) at point 22.12.

22.10 Romy goes to remove the guard, two Canadian stones in the house.

22.08 Canadians found Chapon’s stone thrown into the house.

22.06 Mysore goes to place a guard.

It starts!

22.03 Presentation of ongoing teams.

21.59 Italy won the hammer, so the first end will be on hand.

21.55 Five minutes from the start of the match at the Prince George’s CN Center, starting at 2pm local time and 10pm Italian time.

21.50 This is a Canadian creation: Kerry Inerson (exclusion), Wall Sweating, Shannon Birchard, Brian Myllur and Kristen Carwick.

21.45 Italy, led by newcomer Stefania Constantini from gold in the mixed doubles category at the Beijing Olympics, are paired with Amos Moses, another blue Marta Lo Deserto, Angela Romey, Veronica Japon and Julia Gertini Lacetelli.

21.40 The tournament formula, in which thirteen national teams take part, provides a round robin (Italian team) whose final two qualifiers advance directly to the semifinals, while those placed between the third and sixth place qualify for the playoffs, leaving the last two places for the knockout stage.

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21.35 So begins the path of the blue curling ladies who immediately meet Prince George with the landlords.

21.30 Good evening to friends and acquaintances of OA Sport and welcome to the live talk of Italy-Canada, the first day of the round robin of the 2022 Women’s Curling World Cup.

2022 Women’s Curling World Cup, Calendar of competitions in Italy

Good evening to friends and acquaintances of the OA Games and welcome to the live talk of Italy-Canada scheduled for March 19-27 in Prince George (Canada), the first day of the round robin of the 2022 Women’s Curling World Cup. Blue immediately introduces you to the event’s hosts.

So the day has come for the debut of the World Championship Women’s Curling Tournament for Italy. Skip led team Stefania Constantini (Olympic mixed doubles champion with Amos Motion in 2022 Beijing) has the opportunity to play the role of a foreigner in Canada. This trip will also be a part of Marta Lo Deserto, Angela Romy, Veronica Chapon And Giulia Zardini Lacedelli.

The tournament formula, in which thirteen national teams participate, provides a round robin (Round Robin) At its end The first two teams will go straight to the semifinalsWhen Teams that finish between third and sixth place will qualify for the playoffs Who will give the last two places for the knockout stage.

OA Sport will begin live coverage of the first day of the 2022 Women’s Curling World Cup, Italy-Canada, live at CN Center in Prince George (Canada) at 10pm Italian time (2pm local time). Enjoy watching our news in real time.

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